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Traction lead acid lithium battery smear machine

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
Traction lead acid lithium battery smear machine is also called the coating machine; Smear with hand painted plate and mechanical coating plate. Hand painted plate main problem is the grease uniformity and consistency of paste volume, operator individual differences due to manual coating plate, proficiency in physical and mentality, and different, such as plate differences. For mechanical smear, our country mostly adopts single coating machine ( Or quasi double-sided smear machine) , the main problem is the two plate surface ( Positive and negative) Paste is not uniform, there is a TuQing discontent, so that show grid. Mechanical coated board besides mechanical problems, and lead paste process problems, demands lead to cream to smear machine, a key indicator is the density of lead paste and consistency, and the density of lead paste with consistency depends on the amount of liquid used lead green water and acid ratio. Such as the density of lead paste is 4. 009 / cm2, by keeping the total fluids ( Water and acid) As a constant, as long as the change of water/acid ratio can get different consistency of lead paste, satisfy the requirement of smear machine so as to get a suitable consistency. Foreign smear machine adopts double coated plate, high efficiency, 90 - 140 / min) , paste and fill thickness by tracking the cursor control, there are three kinds of commonly used coating machine abroad: single-sided coating ( Single strands) , double side coated ( Double tape) Double coated, stainless steel belt. Smear cloth belt has three layers: the first layer is 3 mm of two layers of cloth; The second layer is 4 mm by several layers of get together vinegar wire fixed into a layer of vinegar silk cushion; The third layer is 1. 5 mm abrasive pad. The second poly vinegar silk cushion has high elasticity and elongation properties, the first layer of cloth, not withered lead paste, helps to get qualified plate surface. The third layer has a high elastic belt, which is beneficial to smear machine wheel will not 'skid' cloth belt drive. Strands of structure is made of two core shaft, is the start of the cloth layer and continuous filament/pad and smooth level of high elastic layer, so the most appropriate smear machine use. Besides tape coating machine, and nozzle type coating machine, in besmear fill in between there is difference on the uniformity of lead paste, nozzle type plate coating, the coating of high quality.
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