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With all the advantages of lithium-ion batteries, why not use lithium-ion batteries in car batteries?

With all the advantages of lithium-ion batteries, why not use lithium-ion batteries in car batteries?


I believe we all know that lithium ion battery is more common now, such as mobile phones, battery cars and so on. Its advantages are light weight, fast charging and longer range than ordinary batteries. But lithium ion battery has so many advantages, why can't it be applied to the battery in the car? The following Xiaobian to talk to you.

In fact, the most important reason is that for the sake of safety, said although the lithium ion battery has several advantages of the above said, but its drawback is obvious, for example are not able to withstand cold, also will not be able to bear high temperature, minimum temperature basically can reach 20 degrees below zero, the high temperature can control at 60 degrees, so you can think about it, Our cabin temperature is very high, and it can not be dissipated immediately, so if the lithium ion battery can not withstand the high temperature, there will be an explosion is very sad, so this is one of the reasons for the use of lithium ion battery in cars.

Then the second weakness is lithium ion battery don't impact, collision once said, also can appear the phenomenon of explosion, although when you say, let's drive to safety first, but one thousand is a major traffic accidents, so the moment of collision force is very strong, one thousand lithium-ion batteries, explosion, think of is very terrible.

The last reason is that lithium-ion batteries have a problem, they can not be discharged at the same time and then charged at the same time. As we all know, car batteries are actually charged in a cycle, so this is also the reason why lithium-ion batteries can not be used in cars.

In general, the above three shortcomings are doomed to the lithium ion battery, no matter how many advantages, but the same can not be put into the car for use, so the manufacturer is very comprehensive consideration.

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