Professional Manufacturer of One Stop Solutions Provider for all kind of lithium battery 10 years more .

Forklift Battery

Vglory battery manufacture offers high level safety battery through aseembled with high quality A grade cell .

Vglory wide range battery has been designed to replace lead-acid batteries , by offering a higher energy density for an equivalent weight and size.

With advantages such : the high reliability, lower cost ,long lifespan ,Clean and Green energy poses no pollution on our environment etc , which are good replacing lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications: energy storage battery , ev battery , 48 volt forklift battery ,48v lifepo4 battery , electric motorcycle battery , 80v lifepo4 battery, e-bike battery ,lifepo4 forklift 24v 100ah 120ah lithium battery ,  forklift battery etc .

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