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Vglory lithium battery manufacturer offers high level safety lithium golf cart batteries through assembled with high quality A grade battery cell .whichare designed as the drop-in replacement for the similar capacity of lead-acid batteries, it offering twice of the run-time but only half of the weight. Moreover, it with non-toxic and non-polluting , environment-friendly, good thermal stability, and longer run-time features ; accredited with CE, without any hazardous and noxious substances. Small in volume ,best energy-to-weight ratios, no memory effect, and a slow loss of charge when not in use. Which is more safety and reliable than the lead acid one. It does not explode or burn when bump, heavy stress, needle pricking ; With intelligent management system protection like : short circuit , overcharge and overheat . 

Lithium golf cart batteries widely used in fields such as E-mobility of Electric golf cart , golf trolley , Electric vehicle , e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-motorcycle, e-tricycle/rickshaw, e-wheelchair, e-golf cart, e-forklift, e-tourist vehicle,etc. Vglory runs a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service system. We can effectively protect consumers' rights and interests and provide quality products and services.

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