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Application of lithium battery technology in portable electronic devices

Application of lithium battery technology in portable electronic devices


The bQ2650X and BQ27X00 voltages above provide battery manufacturers with an easy-to-use option. This method is much more accurate to measure only battery voltage. These voltages can be used in a variety of battery architectures and support battery identification and dual-cell applications

3.2 The second example of the application of electric quantity detection algorithm, a new IC that can be applied to all kinds of general electric quantity meters.

Many manufacturers can provide a variety of coulometer IC, users can choose the appropriate functional devices, to optimize the cost performance of the product.

Using the coulometer to store measured battery parameters, this split architecture allows the user to customize the metering algorithm within the host.

Thus saving the cost of a processor built into the battery pack.

In the case of Dallasesemicconductor company's DS2762 chip as a typical analysis.

A new type of separated coulometer IC, its structure is shown in FIG. 5(a)

The DS2762 is a single lithium ion battery coulometer and protection circuit integrated into a tiny 2.46mm2.74mm flip chip package.

The device is very space-saving due to the integrated high precision resistance for power detection.

Its small size and unmatched high integration make it ideal for mobile phone batteries and other similar handheld products such as PDAs.

The integrated protection circuit continuously monitors the battery for overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent faults (during charging or discharging).

Unlike the independent protection IC, DS2762 allows the main processor to monitor/control the status of the protection FET, so that system power control can be achieved through the DS2762 protection circuit.

The DS2762 can also charge a deeply depleted battery, providing a limited current recovery charging path when the battery voltage falls below 3V.

The DS2762 can accurately monitor battery current, voltage and temperature, and its dynamic range and resolution meet the test standards of any prevailing mobile communication product.

The measured current is integrated against the internal time base to realize the metering of electricity.

Through real-time and continuous automatic adjustment, the metering accuracy is improved.

Built-in detection resistance eliminates resistance variations due to manufacturing process and temperature, further improving the accuracy of the coulometer.

Important data is stored in a 32-byte lockable EEpROM.

The 16-byte SRAM is used to store dynamic data.

All communication with DS2762 is carried out through 1-wire, multi-node communication interface, minimizing the connection between battery pack and main engine.

Its important characteristics are;

Single lithium ion battery protector;

High precision current (coulometry), voltage and temperature measurement;

Optional integration 25mΩ

Test resistance, each DS2762 is individually fine-tuned;

The 0V battery is recharged.

32 byte lockable EEpROM, 16 byte SRAM, 64 bit ROM;

1-WIRE, multi-node, digital communication interface;

Supports power management of multiple battery strings and realizes power control of the system by protecting FET.

Power supply current in sleep mode is only 2µ

A (maximum);

The power supply current in working mode is 90µ

A (maximum);

2.46mm2.74mm flip chip package or 16 pin SSOp package, both with or without detection resistance;

The complex is equipped with evaluation boards.

4. Conclusion The application of portable electronic battery technology is the basis of choosing lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery and its charger.

How to choose correctly, but also must depend on the specific requirements of portable electronic equipment.

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