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A new quick-charge car battery was unveiled after five minutes of charging

A new quick-charge car battery was unveiled after five minutes of charging


Israeli company StoreDot claims to have revolutionized electric car manufacturing: it has developed a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be recharged in just five minutes.

According to the report, the super-fast rechargeable battery is a collaboration between the company and its partners. On January 19, Stodotte held a presentation for the new battery. At the presentation, however, the battery was installed in a two-wheeled scooter rather than an electric car.

Stodotte says the new quick-charge battery has been developed, and the remaining work is to build the charging infrastructure -- charging piles for electric vehicles.

Electric cars may soon overcome another drawback that has held them back -- long charging times, according to the report. If confirmed, the time it takes to charge an electric car could soon be reduced from the current hours to just a few minutes for a conventional car to fill up.

Stodotte's statement said many people wanted to buy electric cars but were concerned about the long charging time and short range. The advent of quick-charge batteries will be a boon to these people. Experts say these shortcomings are perhaps the most serious problem hindering the development of electric vehicles.

Proponents of electric cars should not rejoice too soon, however. The quick-charge battery is unlikely to be ready for industrial production and mass installation in cars any time soon. There is at least one factor that will prevent it from becoming practical quickly -- the current state of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is not ideal.

However, Stodotte management is more optimistic, they want to overcome all obstacles. CEO Doron Myersdorf says the company plans to begin mass production of the quick-charge batteries by 2025, provided it can find the right strategic partner.

'Now that the chemistry problem has been solved, it's time to look at the infrastructure problem,' Mr. Myersdorf said of the company's new products.

"This is not just a lab test, but a product that can be mass-produced," he said optimistically at the product presentation. We are putting all our efforts into an electric car battery that can be fully charged in five minutes."

Mr. Myersdorf also said his company was willing to share thousands of samples of fast-charging batteries for electric cars with potential partners.

"This is a major positive for the electric vehicle manufacturing industry and will significantly reduce the number of sceptic holders of electric vehicles," said David Watson, CEO of Ohme Technologies Ltd, a UK-based company specializing in electric vehicle charging technology. However, it will take time for these batteries to be put into car manufacturing."

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