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Lithium battery energy storage power station is the main energy source, and a number of energy storage technologies are still being explored

Lithium battery energy storage power station is the main energy source, and a number of energy storage technologies are still being explored


Lithium-ion battery energy storage power station is an important energy source, and many energy storage technologies are still being explored. Lithium-ion battery energy storage power station, its important purpose is to stabilize the operation of the power grid, ensure the safety of the power grid, its functions include the power grid peak, frequency and voltage regulation, replacing part of the peak power plant, frequency modulation units, rotating backup, emergency standby, etc. Lithium-ion battery energy storage, as a new field, has developed rapidly in the world in recent years.

1. The construction of large-scale energy storage power stations with lithium ion batteries will be started in the future

The value of lithium-ion battery energy storage in environmental protection is mainly reflected in its matching with renewable energy generation, which can greatly transform the energy structure and reduce the use of fossil energy such as coal power, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The fact that a lithium-ion battery storage plant costs twice as much as a lead-acid battery is no reason to ditch it. Different applications have different requirements for energy storage power and capacity, so all kinds of energy storage technologies have their suitable application fields.

On July 18, China's first 100,000-kilowatt battery energy storage power station was officially put into operation in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, opening a new stage for the commercial operation of large battery energy storage power stations in China. China's new lithium-ion batteries have met the safety requirements of commercial operation, such as high temperature resistance and non-explosion, which provide technical support for the construction of large-scale battery energy storage power stations. Moreover, the cost of lithium-ion batteries is expected to be reduced to 0.25 yuan per kilowatt-hour in the future.

The one-time investment of lithium-ion battery energy storage system is much higher than that of lead-acid battery. Moreover, the technology of lithium-ion battery is progressing rapidly and the industrial foundation is good, so it is gradually penetrating into the field of decentralized energy storage and large-scale energy storage.

Second, the demonstration project to explore the business model

Since June this year, Henan, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and many other places have been the power grid energy storage bidding, construction, grid connection and other news, indicating that China's energy storage market is expanding.

In fact, these projects are only part of this year's "energy storage boom". In these new projects, all the supporting energy storage systems are lithium ion batteries. The numerous demonstration applications of lithium ion battery energy storage power stations are to continuously explore the business model of energy storage in centralized renewable energy grid-connected and grid-side application.

The current projects that have economic value are small user side applications. The data provided by Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance to reporters shows that the installation of energy storage systems by industrial and commercial users can save capacity and electricity costs in areas where the price difference between peak and valley is large. In areas where the verification rules of capacity electricity rates are more flexible, the capacity electricity rates can also be saved for users. In terms of revenue, the cost of lithium-ion battery energy storage power station is relatively high.

Third, a number of energy storage technologies are still being explored

In fact, energy storage technology is not a single route. China is actively developing a variety of energy storage technologies. By 2050, China's total installed capacity will reach 50 billion kilowatts (kW), and the energy storage capacity will reach 400 million kW when the supply and demand balance is adjusted according to the scale. At present, lithium ion battery and lead carbon battery are mainly used, supplemented by compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, super capacitor, liquid flow battery and other technical routes. Different energy storage technical routes have basically been able to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Fluid flow and lithium-ion batteries, as well as other battery storage technologies, are all in the commercialized stage of exploration and transformation, and are not really elementary, laboratory concepts. "The all-vanadium redoxidation flow battery is safe, long life, recyclable, and the power module and capacitance module can be configured independently," Huang said.

Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd have jointly carried out a number of "light-storage" and "wind-light-storage" application demonstration projects with vanadium liquid flow batteries, promoting the liquid flow battery technology with independent intellectual property rights in China to enter the initial stage of industrialization.

IV. Prospects and expectations of China's lithium ion battery energy storage market

(1) New energy power generation and auxiliary power services will be the largest energy storage market;

As the world's largest power application market, China has a great space for the development of renewable energy. We have reason to believe that China will become the world's largest battery energy storage market in the near future. At the same time, with the continuous opening of the electricity market, power auxiliary services will also provide a broad market space for battery energy storage. In this direction, European and American countries have set an example for us.

(2) the pace of energy structure adjustment can be larger;

As mentioned above, China's power supply structure is still very unreasonable. The high proportion of coal power restricts the pace of the development and utilization of renewable energy, and also brings a lot of inconvenience to people's lives.

(3) the pace of electricity market opening can be faster;

(4) Energy storage subsidies should be implemented as soon as possible.

At present, lithium-ion battery energy storage power station is an important energy source, and many energy storage technologies are still being explored. In the power grid, as long as the scale is large enough, lithium ion battery energy storage power station is undoubtedly one of the best dispatch resources. Therefore, we must stand in the height of national energy strategy, carefully study and evaluate all the value and significance of battery energy storage system, in order to achieve its benefit maximization in the development of national economy. We believe and look forward to the early arrival of the world's largest energy storage market!

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