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Buy electric car, iron phosphate lithium ion battery, three lithium ion battery, hydrogen fuel power battery which good?

Buy electric car, iron phosphate lithium ion battery, three lithium ion battery, hydrogen fuel power battery which good?


As for a car, in addition to the exterior interior design, the power system determines whether the car is excellent or not.

, also about a new energy car, battery is life, the performance of the battery to a great extent, determine the car's overall performance, no battery, timely new energy vehicles have again good configuration and no way to travel, so a lot of auto makers for new energy vehicles is studied when the first value is the battery, When consumers buy new energy vehicles, they first pay attention to the performance of their batteries.

At present, the battery types used in new energy vehicles on the market are different, so how do these batteries perform? Which batteries perform best? Today we are going to take a look at the batteries used by the mainstream new energy vehicles on the market.

The early mainstream battery lithium-ion iron phosphate battery

The so-called lithium ion iron phosphate battery refers to the lithium ion battery with lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. In the early stage of the development of new energy vehicles, lithium ion iron phosphate battery has become the first choice of major manufacturers because of its advantages of superior thermal stability, good safety and low development cost.

However, with the continuous development of technology, the ternary lithium ion battery with more superior type appears. Compared with the lithium ion iron phosphate battery, the energy density is lower. In the case of the same range, the vehicle carrying lithium ion iron phosphate battery has a higher dead weight, which directly leads to the unsatisfactory energy consumption. 

Moreover, the national requirements for the battery energy density of new energy supplementary vehicles are also increasing year by year. Lithium ion iron phosphate batteries are limited by the problem of materials, and the energy density is difficult to continue to increase, so many manufacturers slowly turn to the development of ternary lithium ion batteries.

At present, the mainstream battery ternary lithium ion battery

Tertiary lithium ion battery refers to the lithium ion battery with nickel-cobalt lithium manganese acid potassium ternary cathode material. Compared with the lithium ion iron phosphate battery introduced previously, it has high energy density, suitable price and better comprehensive performance, which has become the battery type adopted by most new energy vehicles at present.

The seemingly perfect ternary lithium-ion battery, its shortcomings have been questioned. The biggest disadvantage of ternary lithium ion battery is that it will decompose at about 200 degrees. Under the use of high temperature, the electrolyte will burn rapidly, and the risk of spontaneous combustion or self-explosion of the battery will be increased. With the development of technology, many manufacturers have developed excellent battery management systems, safety issues have been improved, outstanding performance has won the recognition of major automobile manufacturers.

But before, vigorously develop iron phosphate lithium ion battery domestic new energy giant BYD, currently listed new energy passenger cars are using ternary lithium ion battery. At present, ternary lithium ion battery has become the mainstream battery of new energy vehicles.

In the future, the mainstream battery may be hydrogen fuel powered battery

Hydrogen fuel-powered battery has always been regarded as a new energy vehicle battery in the future development direction. The basic principle of hydrogen fuel-powered battery is the reverse reaction of electrolysis of water. The biggest difference between it and the rechargeable battery is that it does not need to be charged. As long as hydrogen is added, it will go to the designated place to wash hydrogen without hydrogen. It is very convenient to use, and it does not need to spend a lot of time charging as the rechargeable battery.

In addition, hydrogen energy is regarded as clean energy. The biggest advantage of hydrogen fuel-powered battery is no pollution, long service life and no pollutant emission. Although pure electric vehicles have no pollutant emission, China is still a country that relies on thermal power generation, so hydrogen fuel-powered battery is more environmentally friendly.

But hydrogen storage and transportation is a very demanding existence, any mistake can be dangerous. The key to popularize new energy vehicles is to establish a complete set of supporting facilities, the investment is large, so the promotion of hydrogen fuel power batteries is not as fast as rechargeable batteries.

Summary: Battery is the key to the development of new energy vehicles

At present, the mobile digital products on the market are in pursuit of a larger capacity of the battery, with a larger capacity to do more things. The development of batteries is also the key to the development of new energy vehicles. Whether the use experience can be comparable to or exceed that of traditional internal combustion engines has become the key for consumers to choose before new energy vehicles and traditional internal combustion engines.

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