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Can fast charge and long battery life have both?

Can fast charge and long battery life have both?


January 15, guangzhou automobile group wholly owned subsidiary of gac Mr Abe new power lithium ion battery technology official forecast, graphene based super quick charge battery in 8 minutes with 80%, make charge like refueling is convenient, the same as silicon anode batteries for electric cars NEDC range of 1000 kilometers, the gac's A shares and H shares are up. On January 16th Zeng Qinghong, chairman of GAC Group, announced similar information, but on the same day Ouyang Minggao, an academician, questioned such information. GAC Group's A-shares continued to rise on January 18, while its H-shares fell. GAC Group's A - and H-shares fell on January 19.

Can you have your cake and eat it too? For market, guangzhou automobile group released after 18 January announcement, points out that the graphene based super quick charge battery with long range of silicon anode batteries are two different types of battery technology, quick charge battery will carry on the existing AIONV models, the popularization of the technique depends on the national super quick charge standards published and construction progress of high power ultra filling equipment. The silicon negative battery will be installed on existing AIONLX models, and the technology's popularity will be influenced by the total cost of the battery and consumer acceptance.

At this point, the story is pretty clear. "Fast charging" and "long life" batteries don't seem to have been invented yet. Moreover, the popularization and use of the two technologies may not be widely promoted due to the lack of supporting infrastructure and high cost factors. But, on January 15, GAC AIAN official announcement information, so that some investors do not understand the professional knowledge, mistakenly thought that GAC Group's battery both fast charge function, and a long battery life function, set thousands of love in a suit.

The principles to be followed in information disclosure of listed companies are authenticity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness. Fact means that the objective situation should be reflected truthfully on the basis of objective facts or judgments and opinions based on facts, and no false records or false statements are allowed. Accuracy refers to the use of clear and appropriate language and concise, easy to understand words, without any propaganda, advertising, compliment or exaggeration of the nature of the words, no misleading statements.

January 15 against the rules, you can see that the gac, Mr Abe published information of graphene based super quick charge battery with long range silicon anode two batteries respectively statement appears to be "real," but, intentionally or not, to put together two kinds of batteries, plus "and" two words, it's easy to let the "little white" investors appear ambiguity or misunderstanding, It is easy to mislead people to think that these are two functions of one kind of battery, and that there may be flaws in the "accuracy" of information disclosure.

Listed companies and their associated companies disclose the information such as technological breakthroughs, can let the consumer understand the company's future may launch new products ahead of time, is advantageous to the company expand the market, listed companies and other market main body, don't forget, however, in the Internet age, the speed of information transmission is comparable to the speed of light, transmission range may also be covered, not only the consumer, Investors may also quickly receive these information, so the release of relevant information must be considered whether it conforms to the relevant laws and regulations on information disclosure of listed companies, not the slightest carelessness, otherwise it may hit the red line of laws and regulations.

Listed companies not only have commercial competition, but also may have market value competition in the capital market. The higher the market value is, the more likely it is to highlight its dominant position in the market and imply the company's reputation or advertising value. Therefore, market value management has become a matter of great concern for listed companies. But the root of the value management, the key is to improve the company's core competitiveness of the ability of innovation, the core technology by boastful not to come out, to establish a more scientific and reasonable innovation input mechanism, incentive mechanism, not related to the core technology has released some boast of the nature of information, the average investor may not see, but fled but experts drawn, in the end information after clarification, A share price that has been boosted by the hype can still be knocked back into shape, and market cap management becomes a blank.

Both investors and consumers, and sometimes may identity overlay, that investors may be consumers, or potential consumers, the listed company information disclosure is inaccurate and misleading, hurt investors, so "illusive" of investors, listed companies may no longer willing to buy the products, related promotion behavior of listed companies, the opposite effect may occur.

Listed company letter with true, accurate, and other basic principles is essential, in my opinion the core of these principles, baconian rising is integrity, information disclosure should have said, there are two said two, not conceal, mislead, cleverness, honesty, sincerely to maintaining truthful, the listed companies appear so investors and consumers can sense of trust, even, The value of a company's reputation will naturally be reflected and its market capitalisation will increase, which is perhaps the most clever way to manage market capitalisation. Of course, if listed company relevant information is announced to cooperate with the main speculation share price, this may touch the manipulation of the market red line, the supervisory department to this behove severe blow.


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