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An important breakthrough in the industrialization of high performance carbon-based lithium ion capacitors is realized

An important breakthrough in the industrialization of high performance carbon-based lithium ion capacitors is realized


China has made a major breakthrough in the industrialization of high-performance carbon-based lithium-ion capacitors, according to the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Process Research under the Chinese Academy of Sciences on March 24.

Lithium-ion capacitors have broad prospects in the field of new energy storage devices

The development of new energy storage devices has always been one of the challenges for the development of modern society, which can solve environmental problems and energy crisis. Among many energy storage devices, lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors have attracted much attention due to their excellent electrochemical performance.

Lithium-ion capacitor is a new between super capacitor and lithium ion battery energy storage device, with high energy density, high power density, rapid charging and discharging, long cycle life, and the advantages of high safety performance, in rail transit, the electric car energy recovery and accelerating, new energy power generation, aerospace and defense military and other fields has a broad application prospect.

However, due to the low power density of lithium-ion batteries and the low energy density of supercapacitors, the applications of both are greatly limited. As a new type of energy storage device, lithium ion capacitor has the electrochemical performance of the two kinds of devices, with high energy density, high power density, and long cycle life, which can meet the overall requirements of load on the electrochemical performance of power supply system in practical application.

The research institute breaks through the field of lithium-ion capacitor clamping neck

Due to the complex technology and high cost of lithium-ion capacitors, up to now, the key industrial technologies and high-performance raw material technologies are basically in the hands of foreign companies, such as American Maxwell (which has been purchased by Tesla), Japanese electronics company ACT, JMEnergy, etc. Wu Jianfei, a researcher at the institute, said that to develop science and technology and make the country rich and strong, we must strive to achieve the autonomy and control of key core technologies.

, through the development of the energy storage materials and advanced technology research group of high capacity and high ratio of core material is negative, negative controllable industrialization pre intercalated-li key technology, can repair the anode SEI film on the surface of high stability to build, the positive and negative electrode preparation technology of advanced efficient charge transport and controllable perforation fluid design technology, Carbon-based lithium ion capacitors with long cycle life have been developed successfully.

The experimental results show that the actual capacity of the monomer is 780F, and the capacity of the high rate (100C) is still more than 95.7% (patent CN202011465356.4; CN202011465546.6).

In industrialization of specific application and technology localization, since 2020, the team with the institute of sifang vehicles in the joint declaration of the key technology research project of shandong province and shandong province water group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, strive for the monomer with independent intellectual property rights of lithium-ion capacitor used in rail transit, Domestic production of key technologies in energy recovery and landscape storage of household automobiles.

From the perspective of energy storage devices, the positive and negative electrodes using the same material can greatly reduce the process, reduce the cost of the device, has a great application prospect.

At present, the key industrial technology and high performance raw material technology of lithium-ion capacitor are basically in the hands of foreign companies. A research result of the institute, or become an important breakthrough in this field in China.

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