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Charge 70% in 2 minutes, A new super fast rechargeable battery is out

Charge 70% in 2 minutes, A new super fast rechargeable battery is out


Fast-charging batteries have been used before, but life is a problem, and it usually takes about two years to replace them. But researchers at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University have taken three years to come up with a new super-fast rechargeable battery that not only charges quickly, but can last up to 20 years.

Instead of using graphite as the electrode for traditional lithium-ion batteries, the new cell uses titanium dioxide nanotubes as the electrode. Not only does the material speed up the battery's chemical reactions, it can charge and discharge up to 10,000 times over time, compared with 500 for normal lithium-ion batteries.

The researchers did not say when the cells would be available, but they use titanium dioxide nanotubes that are easy to produce and relatively inexpensive. The breakthrough could have broad implications for all industries, but especially for electric vehicles, which are constrained by battery life, the researchers said.

At the most basic level, the technology could prevent some electronic devices from becoming obsolete, industry insiders say. This means that users replace the device when it fails to meet demand, rather than when the battery fails to charge or when it has a short battery life after charging.

Moreover, the technology will indeed have a huge impact on electric vehicles. First, users can charge their batteries in minutes instead of hours. Second, users do not need to change their more expensive battery packs as often as they want before they are ready to retire the entire vehicle. It is often said that the life of mobile phones is related to the number of charging times. Generally, the number of charging times of mobile phone batteries is about 500 times. Where does this saying come from? In fact, the number of mobile phone battery refers to the number of mobile phone battery charging and discharging a cycle.

A charging cycle means that all the power in the battery is transferred from full to empty and then back to full, which is not equivalent to a charge.

A lithium-ion battery, for example, uses only half of its charge on the first day, and then recharges it. If the next day is like this, even if you use half of the charge, a total of two charges down, this can only count as one charge cycle, not two. As a result, it may usually take several charges to complete a cycle. After each charging cycle, the battery capacity decreases a little. However, this reduction is very small. High-quality batteries retain 80% of their original capacity after multiple charging cycles, and many lithium-ion products still function as usual after two or three years. Of course, the life of lithium to the final is still to be replaced.

What should we pay attention to when charging at ordinary times?

First of all, do not activate the lithium-ion battery. The battery has been activated when it leaves the factory. You don't need to activate the new phone battery on purpose.

It is best to charge the battery with the original charger.

Lithium-ion batteries should be charged on demand. Don't wait until the battery is full to charge. The best way to charge your phone is when the battery is below 20%.

Try to prevent the mobile phone from charging overnight. Although lithium ion batteries do not have a great impact on long-term charging loss, lithium ion batteries have unsafe characteristics and long-term charging will cause serious consequences.

Do not use the mobile phone when the mobile phone is charging, it will have a bad effect on the charging circuit and battery of the mobile phone, and there will be unsafe factors.

Prevent the use of mobile phone at high or low temperature, which will affect the battery life of mobile phone.

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