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The working principle and maintenance method of golf cart battery

The working principle and maintenance method of golf cart battery


Lithium golf cart battery is a kind of storage battery. Its function is to store limited electric energy and use it in suitable places. Mainly used in products such as golf carts, electric sightseeing cars, electric caravans, and electric sweepers,etc.

Applicantion of Lithium golf cart battery


Principle of Lithium golf cart battery

Golf cart batteries are storage batteries. It uses a lead plate filled with spongy lead as a negative electrode, a lead plate filled with lead dioxide as a positive electrode, and 1.28% dilute sulfuric acid as an electrolyte. When charging, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and when discharging, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. When the battery is discharged, metallic lead is the negative electrode and undergoes an oxidation reaction and is oxidized to lead sulfate; lead dioxide is the positive electrode and undergoes a reduction reaction and is reduced to lead sulfate. When the electric golf cart battery is charged with direct current, lead and lead dioxide are generated at the two poles respectively. After removing the power source, it returns to the state before discharge to form a chemical battery. Lead storage batteries are batteries that can be repeatedly charged and discharged, called secondary batteries.

Its voltage is 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V, etc. The storage battery should be supplemented with distilled water after a period of use to keep the electrolyte containing 22-28% dilute sulfuric acid.

Maintenance method of golf cart battery

1. If the golf cart battery is not used for a long time, it will slowly discharge by itself until it is scrapped. Therefore, the golf cart should be started at regular intervals to charge the lithium golf cart battery.

2. When the ammeter pointer shows that the battery is insufficient, charge it in time. The storage capacity of the golf cart battery can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes it is found that the golf cart battery is not enough on the road, and the engine can’t start. As a temporary measure, you can ask other vehicles for help. Use the golf cart batteries on their vehicles to start the vehicle. Connect the negative and negative electrodes of the two batteries, and the positive and positive electrodes.

3. The density of the electrolyte should be adjusted according to the standards in different regions and different seasons.

4. Distilled water or special rehydration should be added when the electrolyte is deficient. Never use pure drinking water instead. Because the purified water contains a variety of trace elements, it will cause adverse effects on the battery.

5. When driving daily, check whether the small holes on the battery cover are ventilated. If the small holes in the battery cover are blocked, the generated hydrogen and oxygen cannot be discharged. When the electrolyte expands, it will break the battery shell and affect battery life.

6. When charging, use a special charger, place it in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity.

7. Do not use organic solvents to clean the battery shell.

8. Do not short-circuit the positive and negative terminals of the battery to avoid danger.

9. Over-discharge is prohibited: when the red under-voltage indicator light on the instrument panel is illuminated, it indicates that the power has entered the hungry zone and should be charged in time.

10. Overcharging is prohibited: the charging time should be different according to the mileage. The longer the mileage, the longer the charging time, and vice versa.

11. If the battery pack fails, please send it to the manufacturer’s authorized office or relevant agencies for proper handling. Please don't discard it randomly to avoid environmental pollution.

How to deal with Lithium golf cart battery failure?

1. Battery failure during a gear shift

When driving a golf cart for 1,500 kilometers, when it needs to be shifted to first gear during special circumstances, the battery light of the golf cart will be on, but it will go out immediately, and the car is still normal.

In this situation, one of the reasons is that the engine has greatly fluctuated and the battery is connected to the virtual connection. This may be caused in an instant. It is recommended to check the battery connection of the car.

2. Lost speed failure

A Gower car with a mileage of 15,200km, when driving at a medium speed (vehicle speed of 80km/h, engine speed of 2000rpm), the phenomenon of engine speed loss (speed drop by about 200rpm). Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes a little longer, and then the engine resumes normal operation. There is no regularity in the time interval of the lost speed fault.

Thorough inspection and repair, the fault is due to the poor connection between the ground wire of the engine electronic control unit and the negative electrode of the golf cart battery, which caused the engine computer to have an occasional failure due to instantaneous control failure. Because of this failure, the engine computer will have an instantaneous fuel injection control failure at medium speed, causing the concentration of the mixed gas to not meet the requirements and causing the power to drop. It is necessary to go to the maintenance station to connect the ground wire of the engine electronic control unit to the negative electrode of the golf cart battery. Handling and cleaning.

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