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A new choice of communication backup power supply - lithium iron phosphate battery full speed ahead

A new choice of communication backup power supply - lithium iron phosphate battery full speed ahead


A new choice of communication backup power supply - lithium ion iron phosphate battery full speed ahead. With the development of communication power industry, communication lithium ion iron phosphate battery emerges as The Times require. Mobile communication, electric vehicle, State Grid and other industries are studying and using it. The application of lithium-ion iron phosphate battery can better reflect the needs of "energy saving", "material saving", "land saving" and other energy saving and emission reduction work than the traditional lead-acid battery.

A new choice of communication backup power supply - lithium ion iron phosphate battery full speed ahead

At present, the backup power supply has high requirements on ambient temperature, which makes it difficult for the traditional lead-acid battery to adapt to outdoor high temperature and other bad weather. The quality of the power grid is becoming more and more perfect, and there are few large-scale long-term power failure of the mains. The power failure of the base station is often caused by the frequent construction of municipal projects, which requires the battery to discharge in a short time with large current and high rate, while the high rate discharge performance of the traditional lead-acid battery is poor.

If you can find a low ambient temperature requirements of the battery as a backup power supply, not only can solve the problem of outdoor integration base station backup power, but also save the room special air conditioning, so that both the initial stage of the project to buy air conditioning investment, but also save the base station running a lot of electricity costs.

Lithium-ion iron battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, long life, high temperature resistance, and the internal battery is equipped with intelligent battery management system (BMS). The battery adopts modular design, which can provide various backup power solutions for the whole series of communication base stations of communication operators. Further reduce the workload and cost of base station operation and maintenance from a long-term perspective, help operators to implement intelligent management, save energy and reduce emissions, significantly reduce the cost of base station operation and improve operating efficiency.

In order to meet the needs of the communication industry, lithium ion iron phosphate battery product forms are important 12V, 48V module two types, capacity grade of 10Ah, 20Ah, 50Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, etc., the battery module through series and parallel, can be line into a variety of voltage levels, a variety of capacity battery pack, to meet the various needs of switching power supply and UPS backup power.

In the communications industry, lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries can be used as an effective supplement to lead-acid batteries for miniaturization, decentralization and harsh environments. Mainstream lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the communication industry have all developed their own lithium-ion iron phosphate battery products. In the future, lithium-ion iron battery will continue to lead the standby power supply plate of communication base stations to move forward at full speed.

New communication backup power supply: lithium ion iron phosphate battery advantage

◆ Safety and environmental protection: lithium ion iron phosphate battery will not appear the safety risk of explosion and fire, does not contain heavy metal lead, easy recovery, no pollution to the environment.

◆ Energy saving and emission reduction: Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery is basically not affected by ambient temperature, which can save a lot of air conditioning electricity.

◆ Long service life: the cycle life of lithium ion iron phosphate battery can reach more than 2000, the service life of up to ten years.

◆ Applicable to a variety of environments: lithium ion iron phosphate battery has excellent environmental adaptation characteristics, can work normally at high temperature 60℃; The place without air conditioning is suitable for the place with bad conditions, such as the communication box in the outdoor exposure.

◆ Wide application scenarios: Lithium iron phosphate battery is small in size and easy to install. It can be applied to any scene of communication equipment standby, such as computer room standby, base station standby, wireless AP standby, security standby, family standby and so on. 

◆ Low failure rate and easy maintenance: Lithium iron phosphate battery unique BMS system, can be connected with the equipment network manager. Customers in the monitoring room can query the working state of the battery and related alarm, no longer need to manual regular inspection.

◆ Purchasing capacity reduction: lithium iron phosphate battery has high discharge rate, energy utilization rate can almost reach 100%, purchasing capacity can be reduced by 33.3%.

◆ High cost performance: Combining the above advantages of lithium ion iron phosphate battery, it can significantly reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of customers, which is the best choice of standby power supply.

The problems of lead-acid battery in communication backup

Safety and environmental protection

● Contains heavy metal lead, harmful to human health

● It will release corrosive gas and pollute the environment

Energy conservation and emission reduction

● Need to work in a place with air conditioning

● Ambient temperature has a great influence on its performance

Maintenance problems

● Manual inspection and maintenance should be carried out on site regularly

● Multiple batteries in series, high failure rate

Cost problem

● Short life, low efficiency, high annual average procurement cost

● High use and maintenance cost

Space problem

● Large volume weight, high requirements for the installation space

● Fiber remote BBU, FTTX and other equipment can not be used

Performance comparison table of lithium-ion iron phosphate battery and lead-acid battery

In communication, we have a whole series of new energy lithium ion battery UPS solutions, providing solid green energy guarantee, and are favored by the communication industry. Lithium-ion UPS energy storage system can be widely used in telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, railway, ships and other communication, signal system standby power supply, power system, nuclear power plant standby power supply, UPS, emergency lighting and so on.

Summary: As a representative of the new generation of battery technology, lithium ion battery has successfully entered the market and opened a large-scale commercial application. With the continuous improvement of the performance of lithium-ion iron phosphate battery products, lithium-ion iron phosphate battery will be cheaper in the future, and its application will be more widespread, and it can gradually replace the traditional lead-acid battery in the power communication network widely used.

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