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With these good habits, your car battery can last up to 3 years

With these good habits, your car battery can last up to 3 years


The normal service life of the general car battery is about 3 years. If the choice is improper or the maintenance is neglected, the battery will lack electricity prematurely, and it is likely that it will not be used for 3 years. However, if used properly, the service life of the battery can even be extended to 5 to 6 years.

The function of automobile battery

1. When the engine starts, supply power to the starter and ignition system

2. When the engine is starting or running at low speed, supply power to the ignition system and other electrical equipment

3. When the engine is running at high speed, the generator generates enough power and the battery can store excess energy

The battery also has the function of stabilizing the voltage

How to extend the life of car battery?

1. Unplug the external equipment when flameout

Now the car with more and more external equipment, additional electrical equipment itself increases the burden of the battery, but many owners in order to improve the convenience and comfort of the car to use, or often use the cigarette lighter this power interface external many equipment. Some models of cigarette lighter in the flameout state is still in the energized mode, loss of battery. So flameout state to the cigarette lighter power, virtually also prolong the life of the battery.

2. Turn off the multimedia or air conditioning system before flameout

Some owners or forget or to save trouble, before the vehicle flushing off not to close the multimedia system or air conditioning system, the next time to start the vehicle these systems will automatically open, which leads to the vehicle instantaneous power load is too high, especially not the air conditioning, long-term this will cause excessive loss of battery.

3, control the lighting time and frequency

When starting the engine each time, the ignition time is best controlled in 3 seconds, if the first engine start failure, it is recommended to fire again after a 15-second interval, otherwise the battery frequently supplies strong current to the starter, causing its own loss.

4, do a good job of the daily maintenance of the battery

When the vehicle is parked for a long time and not in use, remove the battery card of the battery. In addition, the electrode pile head corrosion is removed regularly, after the removal of the pile head on the spread of butter to prevent corrosion.

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