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Explosion-proof technology of lithium ion battery is introduced

Explosion-proof technology of lithium ion battery is introduced


To prevent lithium-ion battery fire and explosion, the first is the quality control of the battery. At that time, the battery system was able to minimize the possibility of battery fire through data modification and electrolyte additives in individual batteries, as well as excellent battery PACK process and efficient battery management system. In particular, some high-end electric vehicles, because of the use of a variety of means to ensure the stable operation of the battery, there are few battery fires.

The second is the correct use of lithium ion batteries and do not exceed the life of the use. In terms of skills and means, the primary task at that time was the development of new information on each component of the single battery and the improvement of the battery PACK process. In the battery PACK process, a heat balance system is planned to ensure the uniform temperature of the whole stack and avoid partial overheating.

Lithium-ion battery test box (explosion-proof test box) is important for the development of new products of lithium-ion battery or daily detection of lithium-ion battery performance, important for the battery overcharge and overdischarge, charge and discharge test, put the battery in the explosion-proof box, connected to the external charge and discharge tester. Explosion-proof lithium ion battery will have different explosion-proof condition requirements because of the actual use environment, both high performance and safety, explosion-proof lithium ion battery certification has great significance on improving the safety of lithium ion battery. In our daily life, as long as we pay attention to the use and maintenance, lithium ion battery will not become a time bomb in our hands.

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