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Balance car lithium ion battery how to maintain

Balance car lithium ion battery how to maintain


1, balance car lithium ion battery to use a special charger to charge the battery, the charging stability of each charger is not the same, can not be replaced at will, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the battery.

2. Make it a habit to charge more every day. Although a single charge can last several hours or longer, it is important to make a habit of charging your battery daily to keep it in a shallow cycle, which is good for extending the life of your battery.

3, in addition to charging every day, after use to charge as soon as possible, as far as possible to make the battery in a full state. If do not charge in time, can make battery capacity decreases step by step, shorten the service life of battery.

4. In order to ensure that the lithium-ion battery of the balanced car can be charged with a special charger, it is necessary to protect the charger from damage. The purchase of a balanced car usually comes with instructions on protecting the charger. To develop the habit of reading the instructions, according to the instructions to protect the charger, can not wait for a problem after thinking of looking for instructions to read, by then it is too late, too late to regret. When charging, also pay attention to good ventilation, ensure that the charger is fully heat dissipation, in order to extend the service life of the charging products.

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