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AVIC lithium battery 5 series high voltage 590 module "LiangJian"

AVIC lithium battery 5 series high voltage 590 module "LiangJian"


Restricted by factors such as battery safety and price, the loading of high-nickel 811 power lithium-ion battery has slowed down significantly in 2020. The three-way 5-series battery upgraded through technology upgrading and material research and development has gradually become a trend and is becoming the mainstream choice of car companies.

High-power lithium learned that the current ternary 5-series battery system energy density to 180Wh /kg comparable to ternary 8-series methods include two categories, one is structure optimization, improve the efficiency of the group, and then improve the energy density of the battery system; The second is to improve the energy density of a single cell by designing and developing high-voltage materials in the field of material development.

Based on this, AVIC lithium power introduced D221 high energy density and high safety 590 module, which is also the industry's first mass production of high voltage 590 module.

According to AVIC Lithium, the module uses a new generation of 5-series high-voltage technology, with an energy density of more than 230Wh/kg, which can completely replace high-nickel products of the same specification. Compared with high nickel and other similar products, the safety performance is higher, and the life and performance have been greatly improved (high safety without fire, long life without attenuation, full climate adaptability), with cost advantage.

As the company with the fastest increase in the installation volume of head power lithium-ion batteries in China, AVIC lithium battery has a cumulative installed capacity of 2.94GWh from January to November, up 125.46% year on year, ranking fourth in the domestic installation volume, only after Ningde Times, LG ChEM and BYD.

The high quality customer structure of AVIC lithium battery is indispensable for it to quickly occupy a place in the highly competitive passenger vehicle supporting field. It is an important battery supplier for GAC, Changan and other main models, and actively develops passenger car customers such as GAC Toyota, Geely Automobile, Dongfeng Xiaokang, Jinkang, Jiangling and so on.

All the time, AVIC lithium battery adhere to the technology leading, innovation-driven, to create a leading product force. At present, it owns two bases in Changzhou and Luoyang, and actively invests in and builds a base in Xiamen. The new energy industry continues to be deeply ploughed into the global layout, and the planned output exceeds 200GWh.

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