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Can we put different LiFePO4 battery pack in parallel or series by ourself?

Can we put different LiFePO4 battery pack in parallel or series by ourself?


Yes. The battery can be put in parallel or series by customers. But there are few tips we need to pay attention

1> pls Make sure the voltage of each battery are same before put in parallel. If they are not the same, charge them to the same rate.

2> Don't not put discharged battery and  un-discharged battery in parallel. This may reduce the capacity of the whole battery pack.

3> Advise us the target capacity of the whole battery pack if you would like to put them in series. We  will choose the suitable BMS for each battery. 

4> If you are not professional connecting in parallel and series batteries, please don't handle the battery by yourself.

It may cause danger and shorten the circle life of battery pack.

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