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Toyota forklift lithium battery electrolyte density test

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Toyota forklift lithium-ion batteries in general is given priority to with open lead-acid material, the opening of the lithium battery electrolyte decided to electrical energy storage density, in the process of charging or discharging, the need to use the hydrometer to detect, avoid the acidity is too low, the battery to discharge the excessive electrolyte density as a measure of the lithium battery discharge level of an important symbol, is the original electrolyte density has been identified as the premise, adding different density of the electrolyte, the only means to improve the original electrolyte density, even if measured the electrolyte density is higher also cannot explain the discharge level is low; Improve the density of the electrolyte can increase the voltage of the lithium battery and charge capacity is relative, on the one hand, improve the density of the electrolyte can increase the electromotive force of lithium-ion batteries, the terminal voltage and charge capacity increases, but on the other hand the electrolyte density is too large, the electrolyte viscosity increased, internal resistance, reduce its penetration ability, it will make the voltage of the lithium battery and charge capacity declined, and the electrolyte density is too large will cause the plate and baffle plate corrosion, and other problems, reduce the service life of the lithium battery, our shenzhen company, aiming at Toyota forklift battery, engaged in the installation, welding, desulfurization, puzzle of each step, such as the proportion of the electrolyte density detection is the most basic method, as well as other instruments can not be compared, the more accurate. Please do not reprint news source
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