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There are two reasons why notebook batteries erode

by:Vglory      2020-06-29
The first factor is higher temperature. It is observed that higher temperature discharges the battery sooner. Second factor is charging and discharging cycle of a battery dwindle its capacity. This happens when the battery is not allowed to discharge fully and then charge again. Laptops batteries which are kept idle tend to lose charge at a very fast rate than regularly used batteries. There is a particular level in all batteries, which varies from manufacture to manufacture, when it goes down, adaptors provide the extra charge. Unlike earlier nickel batteries, today's lithium batteries works able-bodied, when they are charge well and not left discharged until 0% of their capacity. Here are few smart tips to follow in order to get higher performance- * Are you using laptop battery for the first time? Charge it at least 5 hours before using. * Keep laptop / battery in cool place. * If the laptop is not being used, then unplug the batteries from the machine. * Don't wait for your laptop battery to get discharged completely. * If the laptop is not being used, there is no need to charge it! These above mentioned tips are applicable for other devices too. So the next time when you buy a laptop battery you will be glad to get a higher return on Investment.
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