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The way to enhance the efficiency of the gas combined lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-08-28
There are many factors that influence efficiency of gas combined, such as a battery of compress with a group of structure, the performance of the separator, one-way valve opening valve and closing valve set pressure, etc. The improvement of battery slot slot Settings 'back to the gas tank' ( Channels) , make the channel by conduction between plate ( Through the AGM) Primarily way, another channel in slot back to the gas tank, also can successfully make the oxygen from the positive to negative, this can prevent oxygen series, air chamber above into the battery, but is forced by positive straight ( AGM microporous) In the cathode. (2) choosing the appropriate electrolyte electrolyte saturation high saturation ( Rich or partial rich liquid) AGM in the hole is filled with electrolyte, cathode oxygen diffusion into the cathode surface is difficult, so the appropriate electrolyte saturation in the AGM, leaving some empty, appropriate favorable oxygen compound increased efficiency. Valve opening and closing pressure also is quite important, are not suitable for oxygen compound too high too low efficiency, usually 1 - L0kPa closing valve, 20 - It is advisable to 40 kpa open valve. During maintenance, regular check valve opening and closing pressure, in the scope of the open and close the valve.
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