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The vulcanization principle of forklift batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Forklift battery is part of the lead-acid battery types, mouth dry lotus type, with the increase of time, the lead surface of metal oxide and sulfide, the hardness of lead more and more high, storage less and less, this kind of phenomenon planning unvulcanized, including automotive, Marine, lithium batteries, and there is also a situation, in the field of using different cell surface is exposed to air, produce a response, the sulfide is lithium battery in the case of electrical or insufficient charge after place for a long time, gradually generated on the surface of the plate material - a hard layer of white Crude lead sulfate crystallization, the coarse crystal lead sulfate is different from discharge generated in fine crystal lead sulfate. Fine crystal lead sulfate is small in size, and electrolyte interface, good electrical conductivity, and easy to dissolve, charging easy conversion of reduction; And crude lead sulfate crystallization, due to its grain bulky, and electrolyte interface is relatively reduced, poor electrical conductivity, also blocking plate pore, increase the penetration of the electrolyte resistance, thus making lithium battery internal resistance increased significantly, capacity greatly reduced; At the same time, because this kind of coarse crystal lead sulfate is not easy to dissolve in the electrolyte, so that when charging, the material is still not disappear. Vulcanization of lithium batteries, due to the increased internal resistance, capacity decreases, and so, when using the lithium batteries, electric will soon put out, and the voltage is very low. Will occur if you use it to start the engine, start the machine turning weak or not at all. If cure severe, even supply electricity such as ignition also difficult, and doesn't work, at present a lot of electric forklift manufacturer, in choosing a forklift battery matching, according to the known higher enterprise general supplies, this kind of battery manufacturer of lead general now high quality raw materials production battery, if the purity of lead is not enough, will accelerate vulcanization time late forklift battery, under the condition of the economy allows, recommend clients to buy charger with the function of desulfurization, the calderon, applied to the charger to doing a good job in this field, the basic for forklift battery life by more than 20%, the use of such costs will be greatly decreased, battery sulfide has also been reduced. Pay more attention to the news:
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