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The use of electric vehicle battery environmental requirements

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
The operation of the electric car battery to the environment has certain requirements, low temperature, dry and good ventilation environment, the environment also affects the battery's working effect and service life, work in too low because of the battery environment to reduce the speed of chemical reaction, battery capacity corresponding will be reduced; And working in a high environment, its internal chemical reaction too quickly, the corrosion is speeding up, the life will be shortened accordingly. In addition to this notice is to minimize the depth of the battery discharge, because according to the theory for the use of the depth of the battery discharge only at about 800 times. So, must strengthen the maintenance and maintenance, the electric car battery to maintain the good working and running environment, necessary for discharge control, prolong its service life, ensure the normal operation of the mobile base stations, ensure smooth communication. To control electric car battery charging current in a certain range, different type of current amplitude. If at the time of charging voltage is too low, long enough battery voltage will increase its internal resistance, lead to produce differences between internal battery monomer battery work effect will reduce naturally. In complete charge battery, voltage will be cut off in time, if it is heavy current charging for a long time will lead to produce oxygen can't timely and dissipation, the battery internal pressure will tend to rise, lead to abnormal phenomenon of deformation or discharge the battery. So in the maintenance of the base station must first understand the battery when battery charging time requirement and is suitable for the demands of the current basic situation. Charge in the maintenance and check whether there are different capacity of battery together, have a such combinations to rectify, because different capacity of the battery in the phenomenon such as easily lead to leakage and zero voltage, charging battery capacity difference makes some monomer are washed to the maximum, some cells did not timely and full of, in the process of discharge can't complete the operation at the same time, this will cause the chaos of the next charging, the battery in such a case will accelerate damage. More electric vehicle battery news: / shownews. asp吗? id = 653 & 风格= 69
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