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The torch lithium battery quality?

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Torch lithium battery is the earliest domestic military equipment enterprise, it is also one of the most famous domestic traction battery manufacturers, domestic and joint venture forklift largely extended torch lithium battery as the original battery accessory factory, frequency range up to 1000 times or more, price is very high, the torch brand battery is located in zibo city of shandong, product radiation scope more extensive, for example: battery forklift, sightseeing car, mine locomotive, explosion-proof forklift, traction ship, etc, including fixed type series battery can be used for solar power, emergency power, subway communication system; Quality is stable, the torch battery production technology mature, is also a member of the Chinese company subordinates, make contributions to national defense equipment. Tubular plate formula, it can be suitable for large current discharge, long hours, meet the factory generally required for production, the resultant force, hangzhou forklift, beauty of coase, jianghuai, modern, force, bao le, liugong, forklift trucks LiFu, dragon. Ladder on anhui, chery, dalian forklift, wuxi cape forklift, moved hui forklift truck makers use the torch is lithium battery, its brand effect and the quality is very wide. Torch lithium battery introduction to the development direction of logistics equipment, electric forklift truck is a kind of important material in the production of transportation equipment, it has used dc motor driver. But with the development of electronic technology and control theory, electric forklift drive control field gradually transformed into ac motor driven by a dc motor drive. Ac motor has small volume, simple structure, convenient maintenance etc, more and more widely applied in the field of electric forklift drive control. In the current electric forklift drive control application situation, this topic is designed and developed a kind of ac motor controller based on infineon microcontroller. Motor speed regulation control strategy using induction motor indirect vector control, can be applied to the actual electric forklift drive control system. Entering the new century, the logistics industry started to become a big industry support of the national economy. It not only accelerated the process of social reproduction, but also greatly save circulation costs. And is known as 'god' of moving forklift has played an important role in the field of logistics. According to the dynamic approach to classification, can be divided into internal combustion forklift forklift and electric forklift. Typical internal-combustion forklift to drive the internal combustion engine, large noise and exhaust emission is serious, not suitable for some drugs such as food on the surrounding environment requires higher load the object. As the oil price is higher and higher, the recent electric forklift with its characteristics of environmental protection free from contamination is more and more get the favour of the user. Electric forklift use lithium battery as a power source, when using, no emissions, low noise, convenient operation, flexible and stable operation. Electric lift trucks in the proportion in the whole forklift truck sales rose steadily, but as a whole, electric lift trucks in the domestic market share of 21%, while Europe and the United States of electric lift trucks in the more than 60% market share, domestic and developed there is still a considerable gap between the advanced countries. The widespread use of electric forklift truck is the inevitable trend in the development of logistics industry in the world, therefore the domestic electric forklift truck market potential is very large. Electric forklift depending on the drive mode can be divided into dc motor and ac motor control. Dc motor has the advantage of good mechanical properties, the torque current and exciting current are independent of each other, the traction system under the condition of low speed to the output torque, so the dc motor speed control is simpler, wide speed range. Defect is complex, the current need to rely on commutator and carbon brush to transport, the dc motor performance is restricted by the use of carbon brush condition, contains a lot of non-ferrous metals and dc motor, motor price and maintenance costs are high. Ac motor without carbon brush and commutator and other moving parts, maintenance is relatively easy. Operation principle of ac motor, unlike dc motor, structure difference is very big also. Due to install commutator and carbon brush, under the same output power, dc motor size is greater than ac motor. Dc motor excitation winding is installed on the stator, armature winding is installed on the rotor, the runtime armature current is larger. Armature winding through the commutator and carbon brush is connected to a power source, commutator and carbon brush to run when the current is bigger, also can produce friction. Thus the same cases of dc motor speed and torque than ac motor is small, and carbon brush is easily damaged, need to regular inspection and replacement. The above: if you want to motor forklift maintenance frequency is low, work time is long, suggest use torch brand lithium batteries, late to reduce the cost. Connection: yyzsshow. asp吗? nid=489& 盖子= 90
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