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The technology of electric cars is constantly

by:Vglory      2020-07-01
The electric cars made in the early 1900s used Nickel-Iron batteries, an invention of the great Thomas Edison himself. Even though it was endowed with a higher level of performance as well as better electric car charging properties, it was much more expensive to make than the later versions which quickly overshadowed it in to obscurity. The predecessor of Nickel- Iron batteries were the Lead-acid batteries which presented electric car owners of the 1800s the benefit of low cost while giving less than perfect performance. They were also quite heavy and acted as a drag to pick up of speed. Newer models from this century are far more successful in design and better charging options with today's available electric car charging stations. Lithium-Ion batteries which were used to power consumer based electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops has successfully extended their technology in t the automobile market. These are considered to be the fastest growing electric car battery option of our time. Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries which are widely in use with hybrid cars have also proven to be a reliable source of energy. Though they offered exceptional performance, their longevity did not meet the expectations of many consumers as they degraded quite rapidly in comparison to the Lithium-Ion batteries. This version was also considered to be more expensive. What lies in the future for electric cars and hybrid cars depends on the research which is being done on the subject at the moment. Vanadium-Bromide batteries have been successfully used in the latest models of electric and hybrid cars successfully. The Vanadium-Bromide battery is already considered to be the future of electric cars as it shows excellent performance as well as slow degradation. It is also considered to be more efficient than any of the previous models. Most investors and researches believe that electric cars and their batteries will continue to develop further and will become more popular as it is powered by electricity which unlike fossil fuel isn't on a descent in to doom.
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