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The sustainable development of lead acid lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
China belongs to developing countries, how to realize the sustainable development strategy has become the subject of much attention. Industry to realize clean production is an important aspect of the current implementation of that policy, effectively in promoting economic development of better protection of the environment at the same time, the article mainly aims at our country related contents of lithium lead-acid battery industry clean production, and elaborates the technology of foreign related aspects, hoping to promote the development of lithium lead-acid battery industry in China. The current main raw materials in heavy metal lead acid lithium battery is given priority to, if the battery will not be able to realize high efficient recycling, then it will cause serious pollution to environment. At present, people have begun to pay much attention to the clean production of lithium-ion batteries used in lead-acid related research has been on, has made great progress. 1 lithium China lead-acid battery factories 'three wastes' treatment. Lead acid lithium battery material is mainly the role of environmental pollution in the waste lead slag or formation of lead dust, along with the increase in the number, will be in the air condenses to form acid mist, adverse impact on the environment for our survival. If we can't very well to deal with these waste acid, not only will cause pollution to water, also of atmospheric pollution, and, in turn, affects people's normal life, in addition, inhaled a lot of lead can cause all kinds of physical diseases, harm people's health, to carry out the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, protect the environment, safeguard human health, guide the waste battery pollution prevention and control work, October 9, 2003, the state environmental protection administration and the National Development and Reform Commission, ministry of construction, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce jointly issued to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the environmental protection agency ( Hall) , planning commission, economic and trade commission ( Economic commission) , (construction department, the department of science, the ministry of foreign trade Hall) ( Environment and development [ 2003] No. 163) Approval, release the waste battery pollution control technology policy. The technology policy as a guidance document, since the date of release. This technology policy is applicable to the classification of the waste batteries, collection, transportation, utilization, storage and disposal of the whole process of pollution control technology selection, guide the corresponding facilities planning, project, site selection, construction, operation and management, guide the development of relevant environmental protection industry. Through the survey, our country has some companies have begun to increase from thirty percent to forty percent of the money to strengthen the protection of the environment, the enterprise internal have begun to establish environment management system, by establishing a system of ways to improve internal personnel's environmental protection consciousness, in the actual work can be accordingly improved the production technology. Jiangsu shuangdeng power group, for example, as China's earliest lead in using high voltage electrostatic dust removal in the process of processing enterprises, in the process of lithium-ion battery production contain lead smoke formed process set up the dust removal system, the waste emissions targets fully comply with the provisions of the local environment department standard, for the production of waste water, the enterprise has established a relatively cash in the 1980 s and the sewage treatment system, ensure the wastewater discharge standard provisions. At present, most people think lithium lead-acid battery production belongs to the 'high pollution, energy intensive industries, there is a certain damage to the environment. Lead to the main reasons for this phenomenon is to lower the threshold of entering the industry, in order to promote the local economy in some regions, a blind extensive development, this leads to the local industry rapid development, but its development direction is deformed, generate huge harm to the environment. 2 lead acid lithium battery industry clean production of environmental protection of advanced foreign technology and laws and regulations. At present, the overseas for lithium battery recycling waste lead there are three main ways of, one is the local government in accordance with the relevant provisions set special lead waste recycle bin or recycling company, to collect a certain amount and then shipped directly to secondary lead plant recycling; A lead lithium battery plant was established in the case of authorized specialized recycling companies directly lead to lithium battery recycling sound field; A lead lithium battery production is through the network, head of the organization. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=680& lid=83
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