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The storage and self-discharge of the lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Forklift just as its name implies is used for forklift batteries, lithium-ion batteries that rely on lead-acid battery traction, is the existence of self-discharge, Spring Festival is coming now, lithium battery storage work is still a problem, because had a holiday, when many companies put themselves ZouDian forklift battery, when the end of the holiday, it is difficult to in charge it affordable electricity, lead to cannot work, delayed the forklift motor performance, how to avoid lithium batteries because of the existence of self-discharge of factors, the enterprise should be factory, arrange the teacher on duty, first, should be charged to the saturated state, put the fork on the plug disconnect, if after a full battery forklift long-term storage conditions, will be in the process of self-discharge, its capacity will reduce gradually, and this phenomenon is inevitable. Long-term storage condition is the cause of the battery self-discharge battery internal chemical and electrochemical reactions, more information please refer to the internal structure of the lithium battery. Both anode and cathode, its activation material will gradually by the decomposition and reaction of sulfuric acid and becomes stable lead sulfate, which is to discharge. To discharge the battery is lower in storage capacity and life of the internal reasons, when the environment temperature, will accelerate the process of self-discharge. Temperature rise every 1 o ℃, all kinds of raw materials of chemical reaction rate will speed up a times, tuen pool also will shorten the half life. Generally speaking, should as far as possible to keep the battery temperature in the 20 ℃. Temperature is too high or too low, are adverse to the battery storage life. The storage life of the battery ( To capacity changes to the minimum of time) Have close relationship with the environment temperature. So my general advice is forklift to focus on lithium battery storage environment, avoid excessive temperature or high temperature accelerated its self-discharge. News:
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