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The standard of electric forklift battery capacity

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Electric forklift battery capacity with the forklift power box dimension correlation, is not the capacity, the better, the greater the demand according to the measured quality of motor output power, forklift trucks, many users, and not according to the forklift bearing range, fork cargo, heavy configuration of traction battery, such as hangzhou fork CPD15, CPD20J two dimensions, but as a 1. 5 tons of battery forklift, its capacity is 420 ah standards, with some 600 ah, but the original charger is 48 v60a, if use 600 ah battery, the charger is short, a minimum of not less than 80 a current output, otherwise the led to electric forklift battery charger electricity for a long time, also fell, the service life directly affects the capacity of the play, in all forms of energy, electricity is the most clean environmental protection, easy to use and the most efficient energy, the battery is the best device to store electrical energy, in all the battery products, lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion battery is currently the world's most advanced, the highest technical content and high specific energy, and electric forklift battery belong to one class, as C5 discharge batteries, lead-acid batteries used in forklift truck, because of its low price and narrow, we suggest that according to the standard forklift capacity increased 10 - 15% limit, otherwise it will affect the performance of the battery, will speed up the service life of electric forklift. News from the company in shenzhen:
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