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The six parameters of lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
1, the capacity of the battery capacity lithium battery is decided by the number of active material, usually expressed in mAh mAh or Ah. For example 1000 mAh is 1 to 1 A current discharge equivalent h of charge contained about 3600 C. Electric potential difference between the two, nominal voltage battery is negative referred to as the nominal voltage of the battery. Nominal voltage by electrode potential of plate material and internal electrolyte concentration. Li-ion battery discharge diagram, is a parabola, 4. 3 v to 3. 7 v and 3. 7 v down to 3. 0 v, is changing quickly. But the 3. The discharge time is longest, about 7 v account for almost three-quarters of the time, so the nominal voltage of lithium-ion batteries is to point to maintain the voltage of discharge time longest. The nominal voltage 3 lithium batteries. 7 v and 3. 8 v, if is 3. 7 v, charging termination voltage is 4. 2 v, if is 3. 8 v, charging termination voltage is 4. 35V。 3, charging termination voltage sufficient electricity is rechargeable battery plate on the active material has reached the saturation state, continue to charge, the battery voltage will not rise, at this time of charging voltage is called end voltage. Lithium ion battery is 4. 2 V or 4. 35V。 4, discharging termination voltage discharge voltage termination is the point at which the battery discharge allowed minimum voltage. Discharge end voltage and discharge rates. In general unit of lithium ion battery is 2. 7 V - 3 v, but put to protect the battery, usually adjust to 3 v. 5, the internal resistance of battery internal resistance is determined by the resistance of the plate and the impedance of the ion flow, in the process of charging and discharging, graphics engine as well as the resistance of the plate is the same, but the impedance of the ion flow will be along with the increase and decrease of electrolyte concentration and charged ions. When the lithium battery OCV voltage lower, low impedance increases, so the electricity ( Less than 3 v) Charge (charging, first. A trickle charge) To prevent battery from excessive heat current is too big. 6, self-discharge rate is to point to in a period of time, the battery in the absence of use, loss of electricity accounts for the total capacity of the automatically. Generally at room temperature lithium ion battery self-discharge rate was 5% 8%. Lithium-ion batteries, have professional lithium-ion battery PACK technology, USES the domestic and international first-line brand batteries, high rate discharge performance is stable.
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