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The lithium battery forklift battery management system

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Lithium battery forklift batteries are the main sources of cost, forklift forklift managers decide the cost of more and less, a professional managers should have a set of rules and regulations of the shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. Is engaged in the traction forklift battery research and development for many years, know the life of the battery pack and the maintenance management, the relationship between the impact of enough to determine its circulation ability, this kind of lithium battery as the traction of the forklift, effectively applications, in recent years, a lot of people to the understanding of the lithium battery forklift degree is more and more deep, penetration rate is very big, but the electric forklift itself, the cost of replacement parts is not low, although the repair rate is low, every time the cause of maintenance is worth fastidious, the following from the system of regulating the administration of the battery, as head enterprises can learn more about all aspects. In order to strengthen the electric lift trucks in the palace to replace batteries safe and orderly operation, formulates this discipline, regularly check the lithium battery electrolyte, banning the use of open flame lighting to check the battery electrolyte, when the battery is insufficient, continue to cargo shall be forbidden to use, a seat at this time should be empty drive to charging 臵 for forklift battery replacement. When charging, want to choose to form a complete set of battery charger, to should take put down gently, banned direct connect the charger directly with forklift truck, warehousing all forklift at least match 臵 a spare battery, after filling the electricity, should turn off the power supply first, then pull out the charger, and hang the charger connection, it is strictly prohibited on the ground at random, the day the battery and maintenance personnel shall be the responsibility of the stock up on duty carrying clean too much if the documents are complete, no need to contact in advance to complete battery charging and cleaning maintenance work. Middle shift forklift battery replacement, and clean work shall be the responsibility of the shift into the warehouse handling, director responsible for the battery fully, including whether there is water at the bottom of the battery, the battery surface is clean, dry, battery connection is strong, the terminal is whether the lid off, check the battery once a day, if the surface dirt or vehicle directly connected battery charger when deduct handling fee of 50 yuan, forklift battery is lower than the nominal level, will shorten the service life of lithium-ion batteries, and too general for lithium battery electrolyte heat damage, therefore, must always pay attention to the electrolyte, enough terminal, wire, lid: must be regularly check the lithium battery terminal joint, and the joint of wire corrosion caused by oxidation, and check whether the lid deformation, whether to have fever phenomenon. Add water work assigned by the managers responsible for forklift battery, anyone forbid to add water, batteries, lithium battery surface dirt will cause leakage, should make lithium battery surface clean and dry at any time; When the liquid level is lower than the prescribed level of lithium-ion batteries when adding distilled water as required, the required level, do not add too much to prolong the watering time interval of distilled water, too much water will overflow electrolyte leakage, to remove the battery when charging box cover, open the battery of the vent ( Linde forklift batteries with vent so don't have to open the battery vent) , rechargeable lithium battery produces in the process of gas, should keep charging place well ventilated, no open flame, at the same time charging process of oxygen, acidic gas will impact on the surrounding. Unplug the plug can produce arc during charging, the charging authority after closed, under Fang Keba plug. Charge around the lithium batteries for many hydrogen, are not allowed to have any open fires, when the maintenance terminal, wire, lid, appear problem, inform the professional and technical personnel for repair, if not too dirty, cell surface can be wiped clean with wet cloth, if very dirty and wet cleaning wipe with dry dishcloth surface, for a long time don't use the battery should be every charge and discharge the battery once a month, once a week to check whether there is water, battery pool body looking for straw low-end through a straw, if there is water drained water box tools. Regularly check whether the line is solid, if appear loose fastening in a timely manner. For life end stage of lithium battery forklift operation: lithium battery close to the life end stage, the single battery electrolyte in the cut very fast, should be added distilled water every day. The processing of waste lithium batteries: for waste lithium-ion batteries, take out the electrolyte, separating lithium batteries. Whether can negotiate by recycling lithium battery manufacturer. Personal safety in the event of accident emergency methods: when the electrolyte splash into the skin: flush with large amounts of water, electrolyte spill eyes: flush with plenty of water, and then receive care from doctors at the professional, electrolyte spill into clothes: immediately take off the clothes, after rinse again with weak alkaline soap wash, electrolyte leakage, electrolyte leakage to the external, immediately with lime, strong fizzy soda or carbonated sodas and etc. , with plenty of water rinse. Forklift key management regulation: electric forklift keys to stocks. Eternal force and car keys stored in accessories warehouse office, in addition to other key handover before coming off work due to the finished product warehouse. Eternal force and car keys have forklift management custody, prohibit to carry, use complete immediately back materials warehouse supervision, head of the office. Stacking the car keys used by into the warehouse ready for the transport and handling by the warehouse, the factory is not allowed, use is turned over to the office by the supervision warehouse finished product storehouse, ban 臵 private key, the key out of the company, after the individual recipients keys, not to use any copy or lent to others. To sum up, the enterprise can be based on this, gradually improve various forklift battery management details, clear responsibility division of labor, this will lead to the efficiency of the staff, in order to strengthen the management of forklift, reduce each forklift maintenance. Article from the shenzhen company, reproduced links:
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