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The lithium battery charging system and forklift traffic doesn't form a complete set?

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Lithium battery forklift belongs to a charge and discharge process, if the charging system and does not match, so the employment situation will be directly related to the lithium battery forklift, charging less than, for example, in the unsaturated state for a long time, so directly speed up the process of sulfide battery, many enterprises in order to save cost, purchase cheap charger, charging curve and lithium batteries don't match, caused the late lithium battery forklift battery life is short, overcharge or plate vulcanizing phenomenon appears, the new lithium battery for charging system output waveform and output waveform match the lithium battery, to extend the service life, and the motor - Output waveform generator charging system does not match, and easily lead to lithium battery discharge in the brush contact undesirable phenomenon in a timely manner, artificially adjust monitoring, when to start charging, lithium battery voltage is low, the differential pressure and the charger is larger, the initial charging current is very big, if we do not limit, it might damage the lithium battery and charger, the forklift charging machine high frequency and power frequency machines, fully considering the actual situation of the users use, need to be configured without adjusting, unattended, intelligent charging, full stop. Combined the technology of intelligent charger, all floating automatic intelligent transformation, in order to prolong the service life of the battery and in time for a full charge for the purpose, general recommendations for current capacity of 0. 14 times.
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