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The lithium battery charge and discharge of the truck which crystal produced?

by:Vglory      2020-08-29
Forklift as water tube type lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries use time reaches a certain stage, will produce white oxides, a column will appear even climb acid phenomenon, in the long run will pile head of corrosion or screw, which resulted in increased resistance, loose connection state, in exceptional cases, forklift lithium battery plate surface gradually generated a layer of coarse grain white lead sulfate. Due to this part of the lead sulfate coarse grains, hard, not only contact with the electrolyte area is lesser, and conductive performance is poor, can jam pore plate on the active substances, the deepening of the electrolyte is very difficult, then make the resistance increased, lithium battery charge is reduced, also greatly shorten the life of the battery. Normal lithium battery forklift when discharge form lead sulfate crystallization, charging more easily to lead. If the battery improper use and maintenance, often under charge or discharge, for example, will gradually form a thick hard on the cathode lead sulfate. The lead sulfate charging is difficult to restore, in the conventional way for charging voltage is very high, due to the charging charging accept ability is very poor, a lot of product gas. When the lithium battery forklift is in a state of full of power, the lead sulfate on the positive and negative plates will be almost completely converted to lead dioxide and spongy lead. And discharge, the lead dioxide on the positive and negative plates and spongy lead again send electrolytic reaction, gradually generated lead sulfate. If due to insufficient lithium battery charging for a long time, the lead sulfate on the plate as the temperature increases gradually been dissolved in the electrolyte, when the temperature drops, has been dissolved lead sulfate and by electrolyte supersaturated precipitation, precipitation of lead sulfate formed by recrystallization are attached to the surface of positive and negative plate, coarse grain cause plate vulcanizing.
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