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, the forklift lithium battery replacement program

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
, the forklift battery service life to the end of the period, change must, step by step from electric lift trucks in the lithium battery brand selection, to the capacity of configuration, has a set of strict procedures, the traction force to drive the battery, the price is not cheap, basic forklift battery price is in 10000 yuan to 50000 yuan, choose suitable brand seriously, late can reduce operating costs, we need to know when to replace several parameters: capacity, voltage, the iron box size, three photos, plug shape, for customers in other provinces, the size must be accurate, if there is an error, lead to later can't install, loss is very big, regular form a complete set, the forklift battery drawings we have on file, Germany, the forklift company founded in 1920 by HANS, Mr HAMBU established in Germany. At that time, the company motor repair and construction of semiconductor generator. In the second world war to start producing forklift. In 1949, produced the first forklift. With 1968 ESSLINGEN company merger. Linde forklift company mergers in 1973, 1989 SAXBY company mergers and acquisitions, merger and WAGNER company in 1995. 18 in 1999. 9. 7 billion the German mark. Has three production bases in Europe. Base for Germany, HAMBURG, Germany WAGNER, Germany SAXBY base) , in more than 150 countries and regions worldwide sales, maintenance of forklift and warehousing equipment. Forklift battery varieties too much at home and abroad, the quality is not consistent, choose a suitable supplier is critical. Here are some models, the forklift lithium battery matching table: Germany, the forklift battery specification models capacity/voltage or EGD 24 v / 180 ah battery case size 1600 * 660 * 690 or EGD - S 16N 24V/330AH 624*284*627EGG 10,12,1624V/240AH830*219*462EGG 10,12,1624V/330AH830*219*627EGU 16 N24V/160AH686*145*690EGU 18 N24V/220AH624*212*627EGU 18 N,20 N24V/180AH686*145*690EGU 20 N( - S) N24V/220AH624*212*627EGU 30 N24V/240AH624*284*462EGU- S 20 N24V/330AH624*284*627EGU- S 20 N24V/420AH628*288*784EGU- S 20 N24V/550AH624*428*627EGU- S 24 N24V/330AH624*284*627EGU- S 24 N24V/420AH624*288*784EGU- S 24 N24V/550AH624*428*627EGV 10,1224V/120AH405*292*600EGV 14,1624V/180AH830*168*630EGV 14,1624V/220AH830*165*627EGV 14,16,200024V/240AH830*219*462EGV 14,16,200024V/330AH830*219*627EGV- S 13,1624V/330AH830*219*627FM 12,14,1748V/420AH1223*283*784FM 14,17,2048V/560AH1223*355*784FM 14,17,2048V/700AH1223*427*784FM 14N,17N,20N48V/560AH1035*443*784FM 14N,17N,20N48V/700AH1035*533*784FM- 问25 ah1035 48 v / 560 * 443 * 784 fm - Q 25 48V/700AH1035*533*784GQ/X 10 48V/540AH1030*619*537GQ/X 10 48V/660AH1030*619*627GQ/X 13 48V/560AH1035*443*784GQ/X 13 48V/700AH1035*533*784R 20- 16,2048V/660AH827*735*627R 60- 20,2580V/560AH1025*708*784R 60- 25,30,3580V/700AH1025*852*784R 60- 40 80 v / 840 ah1025 * 996 * 784 r 80 - 25 80V/560AH1025*708*794RX 50- 1524V/880AH827*489*627
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