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The electric car is indeed the car for the future

by:Vglory      2020-06-13
Energy efficiency Intense studies in the recent years have been directed towards unearthing the efficiency of the electric vehicles over the conventional vehicles. The advantages are endless or so research has established. There might be minor flaws here and there but the superiority of the electric car in terms of efficiency is unmatched. Looking at the two models of vehicles, the electric versus the conventional, the electric vehicle offers around 45% efficiency. This might seem to be a minimal utilization of energy but it remains comparatively higher than the conventional vehicle which operates with an efficiency of 18%. Basically what this means is that in every one unit of electrical energy delivered from the wall plugs to the batteries only 0.45 of it is utilized. On the other hand only 0.18 units of the energy dispatched from the fuel tank is utilized when driving the wheels in a conventional vehicle. Environmental impact and cost Fossil oil has been pointed out as the number one contributor to the carbon emissions seen today. There is no doubt that research has attributed the changing climatic patterns worldwide and the rise in global warming to the human behaviors especially the abuse of the natural resources. Environmentalists internationally are up in arms urging governments to ensure the prevalence of eco-friendly policies in all industrial operations. The electric vehicle is an answer to this growing problem. Electric cars do not consume any gas and the energy utilized can be harnessed from any source which has electricity. All the owner has to do is to plug the vehicles battery to any outlet with the relevant voltage and the car is good to go. With no emissions, compared to the conventional and the hybrid vehicles the elective car is 100% non-pollutant. Drawbacks of an electric vehicle Contrary to the hype electric vehicles are yet to be taken up by majority of motorists and hence their impact and practicability cannot be properly assessed. There is also the limitation in the number of miles they can cover due to the need to recharge the battery. There has not been any meaningful investment to come up with a battery technology that can last for days without recharge. The current maximum lifetime of a fully charged battery is one hundred miles. e performance of electric cars pales in comparison to the conventional vehicle. In terms of acceleration, climbing and other accessories considered a must in any modern vehicle, the electric car lags behind. These few demerits however do not overshadow its importance as a modern vehicle with the ability of addressing major environmental concerns facing the world.
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