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The effects of thermal runaway, the electric car battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Produces a certain temperature, the electric car battery charging in discharge time if we didn't effectively control the environmental temperature, the battery is a kind of hurt, in the subsequent transport cargo, to hunch electric cars use survey, to be responsible for the electric vehicle battery it is beyond repair, loss is big, when we have the battery current and the temperature rise and the phenomenon that promote each other; Electrolyte is less, charging current, especially in the end of the current is larger; Charging when the current is bigger, the end of the electrolyte temperature, hydrogen and oxygen potential decreases; Gas generation and precipitation multiply gas compound channel, is used to split water decomposition of current synchronization; Both spur water decomposition. High temperature and high pressure gas generation rate is greater than the sum of relief valve exhaust velocity and gas velocity, the battery internal temperature rise rapidly; The increase of temperature and current promote each other, make the battery internal temperature can be as high as 120 ℃ above, soften the ABS shell ( ABS melting point is 160 ℃) , and the expansion of the battery; The charging current is not greater than zero. 2 c, the end of the constant voltage charging or intelligent charging, normal charging time not longer than 12 hours; For pure lead and lead calcium alloy are sheeting lead-acid battery charging is difficult, after deep discharge capacity decrease a theory to explain. Think no antimony lead or lead calcium alloy board gate corrosion products of the density, permeability is very poor by membrane barrier layer formation, causing battery charging ability to accept and even failure; We should try to avoid thermal runaway of electric vehicle battery, battery maintenance is to determine the service life of the battery itself.
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