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The effects of battery for life

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
In our daily life, became an integral part of battery electric vehicles, ships, automobiles, electric cars, generators, air all need to use lead-acid batteries, how to avoid the pollution problems of the battery, it is a headache problem; Battery is mainly composed of lead and lead element has been integrated into the water is a kind of high pollution elements, along with the social rapid growth for the demand of storage battery, the battery manufacturer's income is very hot, plus a lot of battery enterprises in some relatively remote counties and cities, the surface will bring these counties and cities of economic growth, at the same time in environmental management in the management also is not very perfect, various factors cause the pollution of national battery industry management loopholes in existence, is caused by last year's blood lead pollution events frequently occur, so pollution is also has a lot to do with the economy, especially the pollution projects strict regulations of the state, the first is a big profit space, make a lot of business owners to invest in these pollution is big, big project profit space, need for these pollution projects strict supervision, prevent the happening of the pollution time; Too macro speaking, in the BieLun, especially some of the open type batteries, most of the time lead sulfate is also a main way of pollution, many corner shop, battery randomly anatomy, sulfuric acid in situ dump, geology, water pollution is very serious, I hope you choose the brand, as far as possible will pick the battery of high-profile, such as the camel, unity, western sichuan, cruise, windsurfing battery industry such as fame higher storage battery. abstract
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