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The development trend of the lithium battery forklift truck

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
As people living standard gradually improve, the environmental protection consciousness also more and more intense, diesel forklift emissions into air pollution, in the form of a lithium battery forklift driver of the vehicle, is absolutely no emissions, under the small make up a simple introduction of electric forklift performance and trends: electric forklift truck driven by electricity, compared with internal combustion forklifts, has the advantages of no pollution, easy operation, energy efficient. With the development of economy and the improvement of environmental protection, energy saving, rapid development of electric forklift. Market sales volume increased year by year. Especially in the ports, warehousing and tobacco, food, textile and other industries, electric forklift is gradually replace internal-combustion forklift. Internal-combustion forklift compared with electric forklift, has a good stability and suitable overloading, unlimited use time, use in outdoor sites, such as construction site, wharf. The rising oil prices had affected the internal-combustion forklift market demand. Although the diesel forklift still occupy the Chinese market 80% market share. Believe that the next few years, however, as the food, beverage, material, retailing and the development of logistics industry, environmental protection electric forklift equipment will also have great development. China's industrial vehicle association secretary general zhang jie also think 'as more and more strict environmental protection, new energy industry vehicles and electric vehicles in the Chinese market will gradually rise. 'electric forklift truck can be divided into: four to electric forklift trucks, electric pallet stacking cars, push electric litres of stacking cars, electric tractor, three four fulcrum fulcrum electric forklift forklift, balance weight, moved forward type electric forklift forklift, three pivot mini forklift, electric forklift, electric explosion-proof forklift for cold storage, a balance weight on foot forklift truck, electric drum stacker crane, three support legs piling car, location, four support leg piling car, four fulcrum wide-legged stacking car, fork basket has chosen four fulcrum, double stacking cars, electric tractor, car and other series of electric material handling equipment. Most are lithium battery as the core. And lithium battery is one of the battery, its role is to be able to keep the electricity co. , LTD. , used in the right place. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity. The article from the
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