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The cycle of forklift lithium battery recycling utilization

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Forklift lithium battery raw materials mainly lead, lead is the heaviest student of the metal elements, in the worsening of the earth's environment, all kinds of metal elements people constantly develop and lead to a lot of natural disasters, recycling expected imminently, also is the national priority support of the policy, the battery is harmful metals, in fact, a lot of times people misunderstand the concept of smelting recovery, the battery is not renovated, renovation cost is more high, higher than in the production of a new set of forklift batteries cost a few times, I don't believe any company to do this, old lithium battery in the recycling of lead associated with recycling enterprise's technical level, has nothing to do with whether new battery! , new and old battery or not, it contains the total content of lead is the same, just different chemical state. The new battery, battery plate lead and lead dioxide is more, the old battery only lead sulfate, but always lead the quality remains the same, no matter after how to use the battery, can only moisture loss, and some of the sulfuric acid, the amount of lead that the metal is unchanged. Therefore, you will find that the old batteries weight is almost the same with new batteries! Therefore, both the old and new batteries, recovery will not change. Recycling utilization rate is 100% is not possible, technically impossible, I have seen some of the factory is to use old batteries 'recycled materials to produce the new battery, the recovery rate of lead how many I never asked, but can estimate a 60% is pretty good! And smelting technology does not pass, refined lead impurity is larger, if lithium battery forklift household the raw material for production, then made the battery internal resistance is very big, battery life, self-discharge is also high, the use of the late time more short cycle. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. , from the battery for more than ten years, to the quality of the each battery manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad is very clear, preferential agent is our aim, for various enterprises to release the battery price, life and other closely related to the user of the information we will inform, loyal to every customer. News came from:
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