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The characteristics of lithium battery lead powder

by:Vglory      2020-08-26
For lead acid lithium battery economic and technical considerations, today the world almost all lead acid lithium battery industry application oxidation lead powder paste type plate and tube plate. The basic physical and chemical properties are related to the oxidation of lead powder properties: a. PbO ( Lead oxide) Variations of the crystal ( Crystal type) ; Density ( Real density, density of compacted, apparent density) ; Water absorbing capacity and acid absorption value; The particle size and distribution. The specific surface area; Porosity; The purity of raw materials of lead and doping. The above parameters on the control of some characteristics of the production process is important. Main purpose is to get a stable performance for each process and manufacturing process required features ( Chemical composition, apparent density, acid value and the water absorbing capacity) And other features, Lead oxide crystals variant, particle size, porosity, specific surface) , the direct impact on battery life, capacity and ultimate impact on battery performance. Determination of lead powder characteristics quite important, especially for samples of repeatability. In a large number of samples in the sample before analysis must consider the factor of change lead powder properties, such as lead powder samples exposed to the atmosphere or in wet gas is inappropriate.
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