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Taiwan LiFu lithium battery forklift cloud power group

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Taiwan LiFu lithium battery forklift is according to the regulations of power box size battery capacity, the capacity and supporting force forklift, forklift motor, power lithium battery capacity decision forklift work time, the greater the capacity, the longer the work time, but with the higher requirements of the motor configuration, not high capacity battery pack good, we require is a standard capacity, battery is too big, charging current must be increased, the motor power is too small, the large capacity of traction battery forklift cannot play its surplus electricity, Taiwan LiFu as taiwan-funded enterprises, at the establishment of Taiwan, in the local has formed the enormous brand effect, especially in logistics equipment industry, Taiwan LiFu forklift is more comprehensive, involving various fields, high configuration of lead acid lithium battery with forklift across great river north and south, to make mechanical process more precise and more perfect, the product is more competitive, Taiwan LiFu continually invested large sums of money in terms of quality assurance and purchasing new precision testing instrument. Purpose is to make Taiwan LiFu produces mechanical forever is the assurance of quality, in addition to our products from incoming material to the finished product specification of management, so as to achieve the requirements of stable quality. Our shenzhen company focus on Taiwan LiFu forklift battery supplies wholesale for many years, in southern China, the food industry, storage and transportation, cold preservation logistics, express delivery company, factory and so on are used to, customers all over the country, Taiwan LiFu has been diligently unremitting pursuit of the perfect product quality, technology and research innovation, the company constantly growing, our r&d department special hire Dr Has a rich professional knowledge of mechanical and technical personnel, complete research and development team, not only can import cutting-edge product; More can be in accordance with the requirements of customers design meet the requirements of the client machine, customer satisfaction has always been LiFu invariable principle, welcome purchasing LiFu lithium battery forklift supporting group, we will, as always, provide higher ratio of battery. Please do not reprint news source
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