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Recently promulgated the 'new energy automobile

by:Vglory      2020-06-26
However, the director of the China Electrotechnical Society of electric vehicles IPCC Technical Service Center Wang Tianshun objective analysis of the battery market in China: 10 years ago, our country began to study the development of electric vehicles, but has been subject to battery technology. Consistency is the biggest problem. Low-power battery pack, but as hybrid electric vehicles energy, must be made of high-power battery pack because the greater the power, the greater the difference. The lithium battery is the future trend of development, some developed countries such as Nissan, Toyota, Nissan and Matsushita Electric companies signed an agreement to jointly develop a unified specification of a new generation of automotive lithium batteries, and plans to mass production within two years. Toshiba decided to spend 50 billion yen to develop electric vehicles with lithium-ion battery, this highly efficient power into the semi-commercial production within the next two years; Germany starting this year will focus on the sights on the lithium battery market, launched a 360 billion euros in automotive lithium battery development program. But with the Japanese companies Toyota Prius can be said that the commercialization of nickel-metal hydride battery masterpiece is 'nickel-metal hydride batteries to send technical route is the most compelling evidence. Ministry of Industry Equipment Industry Automotive Deputy Director Su-Huai Shan said in the interview with this reporter, the cost and commercialization perspective, the nickel-metal hydride battery is a more realistic option. Ni-MH battery has matured, hybrid vehicle battery system the only practical validation and commercialization of large-scale battery system, the global mass-produced hybrid car all the nickel-metal hydride battery system. Shun Securities analyst, said the lithium-ion battery and nickel-hydrogen battery is expected to achieve the common prosperity of all Toyota hybrid vehicles (HEV) nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion battery for plug-in hybrids ( PHEV), the two different application areas. Should pay attention to the advanced technology, both in the choice of the technology roadmap will have to consider the commercial success rate. Industry experts believe that as an emerging field of new energy vehicles is becoming China's auto industry to catch up with the world auto industry is a rare technology 'leapfrog' the opportunity to develop the battery line with China's comparative advantage. In fact, the reporter found in the survey, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries have different strengths in the future is entirely possible to achieve 'common prosperity'. Select lithium or nickel metal hydride batteries in the worldwide debate for several years. 'You could say, either lithium or nickel metal hydride batteries, are in the formative years. In contrast, the nickel-metal hydride battery is more mature, security is better than lithium, but lithium batteries have the advantage in energy and mileage. June 30, Zhang Xiaoyu, chairman of Automotive Engineers of China said in an interview, an industry, must set up the access threshold, and Government support will be focused impossible to fully blossom, but new energy vehicles, the final choice of route, not the government have the final say, ultimately by the market and consumers have the final say. source:
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