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Pulling the utilization of lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Traction lithium battery is mainly used for the tractor to lithium battery as the source of power of vehicles, such as forklift trucks and rail cars, explosion-proof locomotive, electric cars, electric boat ship, etc. , is deep cycle discharge use commonly, this kind of battery is not cheap, change more troublesome, also commonly so the traction battery service life acme play as far as possible, otherwise wasted money, increases the running cost, usually the life of the battery is a few years, the reasonable use is the important way to improve the battery of the economic value of a, is also an effective way to prolong life. Lithium battery starter when you start the engine, the output current is very big, in the general case for a - 150 200 a, in the low temperature ( - 10℃) This time the starting of the output current up to 250 - a 300A。 So lithium battery charge capacity and engine don't match, smaller storage capacity, lithium battery is big in the starting resistance, this time the small charge capacity lithium battery in the case of violent discharge, then certainly will accelerate active material per unit time and the reaction of sulfuric acid, can make temperature lithium battery, lithium battery plate bending due to overload, resulting in the lithium battery active substances in clumps, plate early damage, can let the li-ion battery life is greatly reduced. Proper selection is important performance to promote its economic value, shenzhen power supply co. , LTD is a lithium battery as the center of enterprise, all sales of lithium batteries for tubular plate, thick, in the process of overcharge, discharge effectively protected. News from shenzhen: reproduced indicate the source
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