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Portable emergency start power national standards and technical specifications

by:Vglory      2020-08-15
Portable emergency GB31241 - starting power national standards 2014, the standard is mainly for lithium ion battery core, battery set in normal use, under the condition of reasonable foreseeable misuse and abuse of electric safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety requirements and test methods. According to the test indicators, battery test project contains not only standard general safety requirements ( Safe working parameters, identify requirements, the warning message, durability) , but also on the battery environment test, battery electric safety test, battery protection circuit safety tests, system protection circuit safety requirements and so on more than 30 test. The standard fully reference the related international and foreign advanced standards ( The UN, IEC, UL, etc. ) Mature in the test method, and the thermal abuse test, overcharge test, drop test methods such as revised, new increased use protection circuit test, high temperature test, the material flame retardant requirements such as new test requirements, including thermal abuse test, the protection circuit testing standard innovation content has been adopted by relevant international standards. Portable emergency start power specification for completely according to the basic principle of standardization, namely the unification principle, simplified principle, coordination principle and optimization theory. Portable emergency start power specification mainly includes: the applicable scope, technical conditions, test method, inspection requirements and mark, packing, transportation requirements. 1, scope of application: this specification on the energy storage system using lithium ion electromagnetic application put forward certain requirements. 2, the content of this technical specification on the basis of existing representative enterprise test data, the safe and convenient, the requirements of the relevant main reference the UL1642, UL2054 performance aspects such as the main reference the communications industry, and the requirements of the electric vehicle with lithium-ion batteries, reference standards are: QC/T743 - 2006码/ T2344。 1 - 2011、JB/T11137- 2011, etc. 3, also considering the special environmental requirements with lithium battery energy storage system, increases the resistance to low pressure, cold and hot shock, hot and humid, such as the experimental project, ensure to outwit the needs of the practical application environment. Now for portable emergency start power is the corresponding national standards, the author in this special remind everybody, when buy must main products is in line with the national safety standards, r&d and marketing of the products are in line with national and eu standards, friend in need can look for customer service.
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