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Part of the electric forklift batteries have?

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Electric forklift battery from the appearance point of view, there are single cells, tandem line and output line, forklift splice, an iron box, the objects on the vision has the above several, but mainly forklift battery monomer, monomer battery for the whole group is the importance of the core. Generally consists of tank shell and plate and baffle plate, battery shell: because acid lithium battery electrolyte is corrosive strong sulfuric acid, so shell must use acid-resistant materials, such as hard rubber, glass or plastic, etc. , of which the most hard rubber economic and durable. Every set of positive and negative plate of single battery voltage is 2 v, after the concatenated available 6 v or 12 v voltage. Next forklift battery plate: it is to use lead and 5 - 6% of antimony alloy cast into, has a number of straight and horizontal bar and grille, grille medium voltage into the active material, positive plate of the active material of lead dioxide ( PBO2) ; Negative plate of the active material is spongy pure lead ( PB) 。 Negative plate is more than the positive plate, electrical enough positive plate is dark brown, negative plate is dark grey. And a plus or minus at the end of the discharge plate color turned pale. Forklift battery separator of again: is to use wood panels, microporous rubber, microporous different materials such as plastics, glass fiber, paper pulp, its role is to make the positive and negative plate insulation to each other, and make the distance between the positive and negative plates to a minimum. In order to make the electrolyte circulation, the structure of the baffle plate should be porous.
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