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Lithium-ion batteries - Understand battery memory effect and whether to activate the battery

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
1. Memory effect ( Mainly talk about the nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries) Battery memory effect refers to the reversible battery failure, namely the performance of the battery can be reactivated after failure. Memory effect refers to the battery for a long time through specific work cycle, tend to keep this particular automatically. The first definition in nickel cadmium battery, bag of cadmium nickel battery no memory effect, sintering type battery memory effect. Now the nickel metal hydrogen ( Commonly known as nimh) Battery is not bound by definition the memory effect. Because modern nickel cadmium battery technology improvement, the memory effect has been greatly reduced, and the other a phenomenon to replace the definition, nickel-based batteries' lattice change, usually, nickel cadmium battery comprehensive influence by these two effects, while nimh batteries is only affected by 'lattice change' memory effect, and the nickel cadmium battery for small effect. In practice, the method of elimination of memory effects have strict specifications and an operating process. Improper operation will be counterproductive. For nickel cadmium battery, the maintenance of normal is deep discharge on a regular basis: the average use for a month ( 30 or loop) A deep discharge ( Discharge to 1. 0 v/per day, foreigners called exercise) , common use is to use photovoltaic cells or use the means such as shutdown can reduce the formation of the memory effect, but this is not exercise, because the instrument ( Such as mobile phone) 1 is not used. 0 v/only to turn it off every day, must be special equipment or line to finish the work, but luckily many of nimh battery charger with this function. For no nickel cadmium battery to exercise for a long time, because the cumulative memory effect, can't reply in exercise capacity, then you will need to deeper discharge ( A foreigner said recondition) With a small current, which is a long time for the battery discharge to zero. 4 v each section of a process, need professional equipment. For nickel metal hydride batteries, exercise on the frequency of about once every three months can effectively relieve the memory effect. Because the cycle life of nimh battery is below the nickel cadmium battery, with little recondition this method. Suggestion 1: every time there is no need to charge the battery before discharge, and it is harmful, because useless shorten the life of the battery. Suggest 2: use a resistor connect is the cathode of the battery discharge is not desirable, can't control current, easy to 0 v, even lead to series of battery cell polarity reversal. 2. Need to activate the battery? Answer is need to activate the battery, but this is not a user to do. Lithium ion battery before leaving the factory to go through the following process: inoculated with lithium ion battery shell electrolyte - - The seal - - - - Into, is the constant voltage charging and discharging, so for several cycles, the electrode fully infiltrates the electrolyte, fully activated, in so far, capacity requirements - this is the activation process - - Capacity, test the capacity of the battery is choosing different performance ( Capacity) Classify the battery of battery level, capacity matching and so on. So out of the lithium ion battery to user hand is already activated. We are all the same is true of the nickel cadmium battery and nickel metal hydride batteries commonly used to activate after leaving the factory. Some battery activation process needs to be in the open state, activate again after sealing, this process also can only have batteries manufacturers to complete. There is a problem, is the battery cell factory factory to a user's hands, this time is very long, sometimes short, 1 month, long half a year, this time, because the battery electrode material passivation, so the factory suggest to use for the first time the battery is best for 3 ~ 5 times completely filling process, in order to eliminate the passivation of electrode material, to achieve maximum capacity. In 2001 three of nickel metal hydride. Nickel cadmium and the national standard of lithium ion batteries, the capacity of its initial tests are specified, the battery can be five deep charge deep discharge, when once conform to the rules, test can be stopped. This very good explains this phenomenon I said. Taken the so called 'second activation' may be used, the user first use 'new' batteries do deep filling put several times as much as possible. Low, however, test results ( For lithium ion batteries) , storage period within 1 ~ 3 months of lithium ion battery, for its deep charge deep discharge cycle processing, its capacity to improve phenomenon almost non-existent. However, lithium batteries will not exist such problems in the process of users, because the battery manufacturer or in the assembly can be tested to capacity, ruled out such a problem. Lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles, lithium battery manufacturer, storage battery manufacturer scooter battery manufacturers, product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, by the ping an insurance company of China national group, two years warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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