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Lithium battery why so cattle

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
Electric lithium battery custom experts for a long time, the brand electric lithium battery than some brands on the market of electric lithium battery is slightly higher price, people can not help but ask, what is the reason for this choice? Let's have a detail analysis of analysis with what so cool? 1, high quality 3 c lithium battery. Yan choose 3 c core batteries, power batteries to ensure quality. 2, advanced batteries PACK technology. Automatic welding whole package PACK technology, security protect each core. 3, 6 BMS battery management system protection. Discharge, overshoot, flow, temperature, balance, short-circuit six security protection system. 4, high-end battery holder. Ensure the high strength support of electric lithium battery, can withstand the high drop, high strength, easy to heat dissipation, convenient combination, fixed specifications, combined at random. 5, there is a group of excellent customer service team, able to quickly and accurately solve the problems, cooperation with good customer will have the engineer on site service! These characteristics, increase the operating costs, but brings obvious benefits, excellent product quality, quality of lithium-ion battery pack is very stable, after-sales services are greatly reduced. Promote the brand credit degree, reduces the after-sales maintenance quantity, this is a negative, electric vehicle manufacturers to dispense with after-sales trouble, occupied the users reputation, virtually is greatly save the cost for yourself! As the saying goes, a price points a points goods, good products, good reputation, good reputation good market! In the huge competition pressure electric lithium battery market place? Please contact our customer service online or call our telephone 400 - 9966, 135, the electric car lithium-ion batteries - custom experts - - - - - - - If you are interested in more than lithium batteries or have any questions, please click on the ( The company's web site) Contact our online customer service, or call:, lithium-ion batteries, focus on the experience with you!
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