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Lithium battery lead powder of PbO crystal variant ( Crystal type)

by:Vglory      2020-08-26
Mainly in the production of lead powder manufacturing conditions and manufacturing method is different. When the temperature below 468 ℃ oxide ( Ball mill lead oxide) Lead oxide in tetragonal PbO is given priority to, if in the 450 - 480 ℃ temperature range oxide generated lead powder ( Barton lead oxide) When is primarily a rhombic PbO. Lead acid lithium battery production experience tells us that plate lead paste best composition should with three alkali type lead sulfate ( 3 bs) Lord, 3 bs lead paste with lead oxide maximum allowable orthorhombic system PbO content should not exceed 15%. If the four alkali type lead sulfate ( 4 bs) Lead paste orthorhombic system content of PbO can relax appropriately, but not more than 40% of the limit. The orthorhombic system content of PbO limit is for the positive lead paste. For the cathode lead paste phase composition is not very important, because adding expansive agent, normally not formed 4 bs crystal lead paste. But the cathode lead paste to orthorhombic system content of PbO, as far as possible the amount of not more than 20%.
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