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Lithium battery is not full of forklift use what effect?

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
Lead acid lithium battery forklift battery forklift lithium battery forklift lithium battery is the core power battery forklift, because in the process of using, charge and discharge state is to determine its cycle life of the main steps, many users tend to ignore the charge that, after using the forklift, the lithium battery pack connected to forklift battery charger is no matter, so that a lot of times haven't charged case, use the vehicle, the longer it will accelerate the curing rate of lithium-ion batteries, forklift affected his life. Intermittent charging can reduce its cycles, many factories forklift truck driver at noon rest time, battery forklift still remaining amount in half, to charge, charge for 1 hour and continue to transport, the lithium battery forklift crystal is more and more big, the energy storage electric current will drop. The lithium battery users and administrators lack of understanding of the importance of lithium battery maintenance, less attention, maintenance is not timely. For lithium battery maintenance limited to lithium battery hydrating and simple maintenance, lack of awareness for lithium batteries professional maintenance method. Lack of lithium batteries professional maintenance staff and professional maintenance equipment, cause the lithium battery sulfide is aggravating, the serious influence the use time of lithium-ion batteries. Long stored for more than 3 months is obvious sulfide formation, storage more than 6 months, the lithium battery capacity will fall to 70%, if the storage period to 1 year, basic is lithium battery scrap. Overuse in actual use process, charging not used for a long time, generally within 12 hours will appear obvious sulfide. Under charge in actual working environment, often lithium battery in the absence of a full charge to use, make the lithium-ion batteries in the unsaturated state for a long time, accelerate vulcanization, lithium battery time. Midway charging in actual working environment, often in lithium battery power is not used under the condition of charging, underfill and then continue to use, long past lithium-ion batteries will produce 'memory effect', cannot complete saturation charge, affect the use time of lithium-ion batteries. Special electric forklift battery forklift battery electrolyte concentration is too high lithium battery in use process, the temperature rise, high temperature filtration, such as not timely filling water which cause the electrolyte concentration is too high, easy to make plate after water leakage, accelerate vulcanization, affect the use time of lithium-ion batteries. To sum up, lead acid lithium battery forklift often design using time in less than a third failure when scrap, waste a lot of money and resources. At the same time, discarded after lithium battery for timely disposed of properly, abandoned by arbitrary inversion, produce a large amount of sulfuric acid, scrap lead, and seriously polluted the ecological environment, directly endanger human body health. Forklift forklift lead-acid battery price of lithium-ion batteries professional maintenance and daily maintenance, rehabilitation and recycling of waste lithium batteries, has become a hot spot in the industry. Long as unsaturated lithium battery forklift generated lead sulfate is easy to plug holes on the plate, plate deep effective material will participate in chemical reactions. Such a lithium battery internal resistance increases, the voltage drop quickly, make a battery cannot give full capacity. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. , engaged in lead acid lithium battery forklift sales for many years, for the enterprise training for lithium battery forklift battery maintenance technicians, better maintenance of the battery, save each year because of improper use of the waste.
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