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Lithium battery group of welding process

by:Vglory      2020-08-27
Welding the weld a group of a group of lithium-ion batteries useful manual ( Gas welding) Welding, cast joint ( COS) Two, the welded into the slot. Anode busbar with manual welding not overcome corrosion problems, easy to cause short circuit lithium-ion batteries. Solid aluminothermic welding are used more and more instead of manual welding. 1) aluminothermic welding alloy using aluminothermic welding alloy is commonly 2% Sn Pb alloy, the Pb - Ca plate applies; For PS - Sb plate gate plate with 3% Sb aluminothermic welding alloy lead alloy. (2) aluminothermic welding process generally within the single busbar and wear between the single slot wall connection with aluminothermic welding alloy, in connection with pressure welding, the single slot with aluminothermic welding is a group of bus-bar in molding process, usually aluminothermic welding process is as follows: packet plate laminated ( According to the negative one every other positive) Pressure plate group in the fixture, to weld the ear plate surface is cleaned, paint and the flux to have clean the ear plate on the surface, then coated Sn preheating, inserted the ear plate mold comb, tight fixed, embedded ear cleaning, paying special attention to plate plate ear insert depth ( Embedded tooth groove depth) , pay attention to the mold temperature can make the local ears ( Insert) Melt, and make the liquid metal filling of die cavity plate above the ear, and then cast into aluminothermic welding alloy liquid, should make the casting a convex surface, cause otherwise sag flow liquid level. This means that the welding not firm or prone to corrosion cracks. More popular at home and abroad is the shenyang giant valley aluminothermic welding machine and the flux of hunan assembly friendly metallurgy material, can guarantee the quality and performance of a group of aluminothermic welding. Greatly improve the service life of lithium-ion batteries.
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