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Lithium battery forklift use smoke?

by:Vglory      2020-08-27
Forklift belongs to the traction type lead acid lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries in the process of loading up the fork output current is larger, belong to the dry lotus type lead acid lithium battery pack, the traction forklift battery, lithium battery is open type must add water to maintain, general won't appear this kind of phenomenon, new battery reaches a certain age will appear when the plate, smoking charging period will appear the phenomenon, of course, lithium battery forklift than internal short circuit or charging current is too large capacity allowed values, or motor output current is too large, e. appeared in several times, this leads to intensity of forklift lithium battery plate cannot afford, smoking. General forklift battery sulfide serious smoke because battery, and staff failed to add electrolyte caused by charging heating and steaming, the battery is usually often fever, not after charging fever is normal, and the battery out of gas, the smell of sulfur dioxide is very heavy. If continue to use, need to add distilled water every day, banning with acid battery yuanye, otherwise will be higher, the proportion of the electrolyte temperature also will be more and more high, it would be easy to produce risk, in the case of no one in the evening charging, likely because the temperature is too high and there is a fire. And continue to use, to employees of the respiratory tract also can produce harm, sulfur smell can stimulate the trachea. Serious can cause acute cough. Treat this kind of electric lifting forklift battery you can at the time of charging, the charging current to adjust a little bit small. Use time more persistent all-electric forklift, lithium battery capacity will fall, the charging current, reoccupy use would be a serious fever, such as electric handling the battery of the car use'd better replace new battery group are safe. Lithium battery forklift individual monomer smoke test method: to measure the battery electrolyte proportion, if the proportion is very high, use distilled water to dilute it, and then the normal charge, working on the second day don't drive, the first measure after the electricity proportion, if you work continuously diluted, of course, if the proportion of every morning is very high, I suggest or directly replace of good, if it is not in charge will have impact on the electric stacker, electric stackers car time will have effect, use for a long time will find the rest of the battery also appear problem, so is the best way to buy a power saving bottle directly change, don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Under the condition of the battery has been charged, we can load measuring voltage method is used to see monomer and changes of the whole group batteries voltage drop. If changes in the pressure drop is too large, should belong to need repair or replacement of monomer. If the forklift battery is in use, the whole temperature is very high, this also is the performance of the plate the sulfuric acid salinization. High resistance, discharge temperature increase fast. If, in the process of charging the battery for the whole single individual or group to have too bubbling, smoking, signs of fever fast, it means the individual monomer or whole group batteries need to be replaced. Forklift service life of the lithium battery in 3 ~ 4 years or so commonly, if used properly, and maintain at ordinary times is good also, then maybe you can use up to 5 years.
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